Stop overworking. It’s called work/life *balance* for a reason.

alex for kununu

All you late-night email checkers, you weekend overtimers, you never-take-a-sick day martyrs…take a seat. Guess what — overworking yourself doesn’t make you a better at your job. In fact, a 2014 White House study found “a significant positive relationship between work/life balance practices and total factor productivity” in a study of over 700 firms in the U.S. and Europe.

Considering a reevaluation of the marriage between your work and your life? Here are some things to think about.

Balance is different for everyone because people are different.
Feeling overworked but hesitant about a new approach? Just know that it’s okay to be different. Psychology Today has this advice: “Enhancing work-life balance for one employee might require letting him go part-time for awhile, while another employee might need to start earlier and leave earlier two days a week.” Make sure you understand your own particular needs and how they’re unique to you and you’ll be on your way.

It doesn’t take much work to be better.
Simple things like regular exercise, delegating household errands, and unloading some post- and pre-work activities are all effective in helping to balance work + life. But moreover, speaking directly to your employer about your workload is paramount (if they don’t care, tell us in a review).

Burnout is bad for business.
The Journal of Economic Psychology reports that, “Although bearing major personal, organizational and social costs, ‘burnout’ stress syndromes, the consequence of continuing high levels of job stress, have failed so far to attract any analytical economic treatment.” And Circadian, a workforce solution company, reported that unscheduled absenteeism (often stress-related) costs about $3,600 per year for each hourly worker and $2,650 for salaried employees. It adds up. So which companies are the best, and which are the worst at balancing work and this mysterious “life” we hear of? On kununu, here are the best and worst:


  1. Acme Truck Line (4.92 rating)
  2. Austin Community College District (4.83)
  3. Dressbarn (4.71)


  1. Flight Services, Inc; DBA Executive Flight Services (1 rating)
  2. Rite Aid Pharmacy (1)
  3. Waffle House (1)

So what’s the key takeaway here? Mostly that without your health, you’ve got nothing. Do yourself a favor: start investing in yourself and work towards balancing your life and your work (and the sooner, the better). Better for you, better for biz, better for everyone.