Why you should work in healthcare according to the experts

Susanna Kahr

Have you always dreamed of working as a nurse, an anaesthetist or a surgeon but not yet been convinced to commit? Aside from the fact that healthcare is one of the few industries that touches everyone’s lives, there are many other reasons why a career in healthcare could be the right choice for you. For a start, healthcare is a huge employer in the U.S. right now, with so many jobs on offer, you could even use your IT or administration skills to land a great job in the industry without retraining as a healthcare professional. So, why should you work in healthcare? Well, we put it to the experts and this is what they had to say.

The healthcare industry is growing rapidly

Healthcare recently became the fastest growing industry and the largest employment sector in the United States. And “a recent analysis suggests that although healthcare jobs will be among the fastest growing in the U.S. through 2026 — accounting for about 2.3 million newjobs according to projections released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics — many states will be unable to meet the projected demand for healthcare workers.” This means that “many companies are working hard to attract more people to the space by offering them valuable support and opportunities,” which is great news if you’re looking for a way in.  

– Fred Freiner, Public Relations Specialist

There are many different types of jobs within healthcare

“Healthcare is a great field to work in because there are so many job opportunities within the industry. The healthcare industry accounts for 17.9% of the GDP according to CMS, so this creates a massive amount of jobs. You don’t just need to be a doctor or nurse to work in healthcare, a lot of jobs in other industries also transfer over to healthcare such as IT, sales, secretaries, and many others.” 

– Devin McHatten, Telos Digital Marketing


And, you can move or switch roles with ease

“The industry is remarkably suitable for job movement. The healthcare industry is one of the broadest industries out there. This means that a career in healthcare can provide not only room for vertical growth within your profession but also lateral movement into other fields.”

There’s never been a more exciting time to work in healthcare

“Healthcare is at a transformational point. New business models/ trends like value-based care, telehealth, and consumerization are creating rapid innovation within the industry. This means that there are numerous opportunities to improve the quality of patient care and the overall patient experience.”

– Ted Chan, CEO CareDash

The demand for talent has never been higher

What’s more, as these trends are “so big and have such momentum they won’t just impact small pockets within the healthcare industry – they will have a wider impact and as such will be seen at every stage of the patient’s interaction with health systems – online, at the doctor’s office, at the insurer. This means the healthcare industry will increasingly need data-driven and analytical thinkers at all types of levels and positions, be it the actual practitioners, IT, administrative, or leadership roles. All of this means that the demand for talent has never been higher in healthcare, and the disruption means the jobs have never been more interesting than they are now.”

– Ted Chan, CEO CareDash

Regardless of your job, you can have a lasting impact on so many

“Healthcare is a broad industry that includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, insurance companies, and so much more. Each role has a different impact on the industry and provides a different type of value. Whether you’re the doctor or nurse caring for the patient, or the healthcare agent selling the best plan for the patient’s needs and budget, you create a lasting impact on the individual and their family. Each decision and action you make impacts several others, and it’s rewarding to see how you can affect someone’s life. Working in the healthcare industry can be a stressful and overwhelming ride, but the sense of gratitude and accomplishment is second to none.”

– Kelsey Davis, Content Manager for Medicare Plan Finder

“I speak from experience as I started working as a carer for individuals with learning disabilities, ASD and mental health conditions in 2013 and have never looked back. I gave up a much more highly paid position in Information Technology to do this. My role has allowed me to help individuals to learn new skills and become more independent, increasing their quality of life.”

– Daniel Dutton, Senior Support Worker & Trainer

It pays to do a job that makes you happy

Contrary to popular belief, “it does pay to work a job that makes you happy. Living paycheck to paycheck without job satisfaction can take a toll on your performance as well as your overall well-being. With this in mind, what better career than one in the healthcare industry? You’re making a difference to the lives of others, working towards the greater good, and more often than not, reap the rewards of your labors.”

– Nate Masterson, CMO of Maple Holistics


And finally, working in healthcare helps you to take care of your family and friends

“Working in healthcare helps you to be a better advocate for your own friends and family when they need to access our healthcare system, as a lot of people slip through the cracks when it comes to optimal care. When someone is feeling unwell, it is difficult to process information about one’s own health, understand the vernacular of doctors that speak in medical instead of layman’s terms, and to know which questions to ask, or even what specialist to see.

Having worked in healthcare for over 20 years, I can walk into a hospital and pick up on what kind of care the facility offers within less than an hour. Working in healthcare also gives you connections to better practitioners within a specialty, and will bump you up if there is a waiting list.”

– Tina Marinaccio, RD & CPT


So, what are you waiting for? Check out our list of 15 healthcare companies that are hiring right now in the US. Equally, if you already work in the industry and you want to tell us what your experience has been like, please let us know in your kununu review.


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