Why you should choose the company first and then the job

Susanna Kahr

Searching for a new job can be really frustrating at times. The job might be right for you, but often the employer is not. Choosing a potential new employer can feel like searching for a soul mate at times. You want them to be good to you, to help you grow and more than anything you want to be compatible and see a future with them. In return, you’re willing to offer your loyalty, your passion and your commitment for as long as they’ll have you.

That’s why, when it comes to looking for a job, you should choose the company first, then the job. So, make a list of everything that’s important to you, then get ready to start swiping through our kununu reviews until you find the perfect match!

Adopting a company-first mindset

The first step to choosing your new company is to change your mindset. Instead of searching for jobs first, ask yourself what kind of company you could see yourself working for, and then see if those companies have suitable jobs up for grabs.

A big reason why people leave their jobs is because of a culture-clash, so you need to ensure that the culture at your new company makes you feel comfortable. If you seek out employers that match your values, then you’re much more likely to land a job that you’ll want to stay in for a while.

One way to work out what’s important to you is to reflect on your past experiences. Think about what you liked and disliked about your current or previous employer and write them down. Once you’ve made a list of the essentials you can use the search function on the employer rating platform kununu to search for reviews about specific employers, employers with particular benefits, locations, values etc. This is especially easy to do with kununu as our employer rating platform has 3 million reviews of almost 900,000 different companies. Everything we do is aimed at making the world of work more transparent and to give you insights into companies before you start working there.

Here are some things that you should consider when choosing your next employer

The size of your ideal company

Do you like being a big fish in a small pond or are you happier being a smaller fish in a larger, more international pond? The size of the company has a big impact on how loudly you’re heard, how much responsibility you’re given and how well the communication works (or doesn’t) between the different departments.


Are you willing to relocate to a new city or country? Or are you looking for a new employer that you can drive to after the school run and be there in less than half an hour? Whatever the case may be, make sure to consider how long of a commute you’re willing to take every day and whether you’d be happy to work somewhere entirely different.


This one is really important. Are you a working mom or dad who values going home on time every day? Then you need your new employer to have family values too and back that up by offering a great work-life balance. Regardless of whether your values are religious, business-focussed or family-oriented, make sure to choose an employer that is on the same page.


Are you sick of your ideas always falling on deaf ears? Or have you found yourself being constantly frustrated by the lack of support? If so, choosing your next job based on the workplace culture will be a really important way for you to distinguish between the companies that make your shortlist. You can also check out our list of the top 10 most supportive companies!

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity has become a buzzword lately, but companies that take diversity and inclusion seriously are more likely to treat you and your colleagues fairly regardless of your background. Make sure to find out what kind of diversity initiatives your chosen company offers, you can get more information about these, from actual employees on our site. Or check out our list of the top 10 companies for gender equality in the U.S. right now.


Anyone who says benefits aren’t important is lying. So many of us would trade a portion of our income for the chance to bring our dogs to work, have beautiful well-lit office spaces or access to fitness or wellbeing centers and childcare. Think about which benefits you want to have in your new job, and make sure to ask about them in your job interview.


Just make sure to get a good idea about any potential alarm bells, by checking out the reviews left on kununu by former employees. Then, once you think you’ve found the one (or you have a top 3), get started on your application, taking into account all of the reasons why this job would work for both of you. Or, take the initiative to get in touch with the hiring manager or HR team. It might be love at first hire, you never know.



Have you already found your dream job? Tell us more about it in your anonymous employer review on kununu.us!


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