Quit your job with social responsibility

Why it is ok to quit a job with social responsibility

Christina Omlor

Being able to serve the community or a specific population is hugely rewarding for many practitioners. Sometimes to the point of exhaustion. anxiety after you come home and a critical mental health situation. Even if the need to quit your job in this demanding field is high, most of the caring professionals additionally suffer from guilt. Guilt of leaving those in need behind, when they take care of themselves instead.

It is okay to quit a job with social responsibility

Healthcare jobs are some of the most rewarding, but stress-filled jobs that you can choose. For many providers, the stress can become overwhelming, leading to mental health problems that are directly related to the things they see and do each day. When this stress begins to erode your ability to function, expresses itself as depression, another condition or even impacts your physical health, it is time to pull back and see what else you can do. If you are overwhelmed, stressed out and suffering, you are likely not your best self and unable to help the very people you want to serve most. In almost all cases, moving away from those stressors is better for your own mental health and allows you to perform better for the patients and clients who rely on you. In some cases, the best possible choice for your own mental health is to move on.


“The company encourages mental health awareness and work-life balance to full-time employees.” – anonymous employer review at Live Nation Entertainment

You have to be the best version of yourself to help others

According to Harvard researchers, nurses working in stressful environments have a far higher rate of divorce than other providers in less stressful fields. While nurses divorce at a rate of 33%, pharmacists and general practitioners experience much lower rates at just 24%. Both types of providers care for others and provide a valuable service, but those working under difficult and stressful conditions are more likely to have trouble at home. If your job is impacting your home life, family and loved ones, it is essential to step back and reevaluate.

Signs, your Healthcare job is too much:

Every person’s comfort zones and stress levels are different, but in general, the following are warning signs that you are taking on too much and should adjust your hours, responsibilty or even employer:

  • Mental health concerns ( you find yourself in a constant state of exhaustion and negative, spiraling thoughts or even light aggression)
  • Lack of sleep or insomnia
  • Can’t stop thinking about trauma at work or troubling patient issues
  • Relationships at home are suffering
  • Your quality of life is suffering, since you have not enough energy to care for your home and yourself
  • You can’t form relationships outside of work


“The company has a wonderful wellness program and works hard to promote health and prevention of chronic diseases.” – anonymous employer review at Cone Health

Here’s why you don’t need to feel guilt if you quit your job with social responsibility

If you do determine that your work is too stress-filled to manage, you don’t have to feel guilty about moving on; you also don’t have to stop caring for and helping patients. Consider reaching out for help to your own provider; healthcare workers often fail to seek out treatment for themselves, and therapy can be a powerful addition to your self care regimin.

In addition you can consider looking for work at another facility or in a related field. You may find your work rewarding again, when you are not surrounded by trauma or abusive patients. That does not necessarily mean, you have to quit the social sector. Instead you can return in a more positive helping environment. Maybe you set yourself up as a kindergarten teacher or a child care worker. You may want to change your profession from ER Nurse to Nursery Nurse or start working with Patients with Disabilities in an assisted living environment. You can also work with Charity Organizations or helping in your local Homeless Shelter.

One this is certain: You should never feel guilty about leaving a job for your own mental health and well being, even one in a caring field. You’ll feel better once you move on and be better able to help others when you do feel your best.

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