Confidence in healthcare

Why confidence is important in the healthcare industry

Susanna Kahr

Confidence is everything in the healthcare industry. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about how you appear to others on the outside, but rather, how you portray yourself from within. Your ability to believe in yourself can not only heighten your professional productivity, but it can also enhance the gratification you get from doing your job. From the way you speak, to how you act, confidence impacts many different areas of your life. Here are four reasons why confidence is important in the healthcare industry:

1. Build strong rapport with patients

As a healthcare professional, you’re probably aware of how essential it is to gain your patient’s trust, and how challenging it can be at times. What you may not be aware of, however, is the influence that your confidence has when it comes to building a strong rapport with your patients. When a patient walks into a healthcare facility, they’re expecting to visit with an experienced, knowledgeable physician who can adequately address and resolve their medical issues. No one wants to seek guidance from someone who seems skittish or unsure of themselves. Try to put yourself in their shoes; if you were a patient feeling awkward about addressing a condition typically brushed under the rug, like  erectile dysfunction, for example, you’d probably be more apt to discuss the issue with a doctor who appears to be both empathetic to your situation and confident in their diagnosis and treatment method. Needless to say, it’s not just about how much expertise you have within your respective field, it’s also about how well you can portray that to others. This brings me to my next point.

“My favorite part of working for this company though, is the wonderful patients I am able to build relationships with.” – anonymous employer review at DaVita

2. Better communication with employees and patients

It doesn’t matter if you’re a leader or a subordinate in the workplace, having clear communication is vital for your confidence and career. With any job, it’s important that you’re clear and concise when you speak with others. Whether you’re talking with your team about the best way to tackle a challenging task at work, or you’re discussing a patient’s current health status, it’s critical that you’re acting as a resource for the people around you. Even if you think you’re being direct with your communication approach, it is crucial to take a step back and evaluate your delivery, especially when you’re exchanging information with patients and their families. Since they are probably not familiar with certain medical terms or procedures, you must break it down for them in a way they can understand. For instance, if you’re a dermatologist who’s treating a patient for their acne-prone skin, you must first explain where their acne is coming from and how their genes or lifestyle may be affecting it. Only then can you talk about the most efficient ways to care for the issue, whether it be with a prescription acne treatment or dietary changes, you must handle it appropriately.

“Lots of patient interaction. I was able to communicate daily with patients and take care of them.” anonymous employer review at Highland Ridge Hospital

3. Strengthen professional performance

Regardless of what career you pursue in the healthcare industry, the more confident you act, the more likely it is that your professional performance will improve. Having confidence allows you to become more comfortable with your position as a healthcare provider, making it much easier for you to find an efficient workflow quickly. In other words, if you’re more confident with what you’re doing, you won’t be as likely to spend extra hours over-analyzing your work and wondering whether or not it’s done correctly. This, in turn, will enhance your ability to complete your day-to-day tasks sufficiently and create credibility for you in the workplace. Not just with other employees, but also with your patients. If you’re new to the field, be patient with yourself. Confidence is not a personality trait, it’s a skill that takes time to develop. Remember to not be too critical of yourself. It takes time to adapt to new environments and master the role you’re given in a career! Believe in yourself, though, and trust that it will come!

“I have grown through my experience treating patients of various medical complexities and am confident in my techniques.” – anonymous employer review at Select Medical


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