Top 10 Tax Consulting / Auditing Companies in the U.S.

Linda Le Phan

When most people think about employee happiness, they’re probably not immediately thinking about the Tax Consulting / Auditing industry. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of satisfied employees who work in that field!

That’s one reason we’ve included the Tax Consulting / Auditing industry in our series of Top Companies in the U.S. (if you haven’t yet, check out which other companies were the best in Textile & Design, Hospital & Healthcare , and Market Research)

Who is leading the way when it comes to employee engagement and satisfaction in the tax auditing and consulting industry? Read on to see the companies who topped the list:

(To learn more about how we arrived at this ranking list, check out our methodology at the bottom of this post.)

Top 10 Companies in the Tax Consulting / Auditing Industry


10. GGF, LLP

Founded in January of 2007, GGF, LLP aims to provide nimble, forward-thinking services to clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Its employees’ positive reviews on kununu is what puts it on this Top 10 list. Employees sing the praises of GGF, LLP when it comes to free snacks and drinks, an onsite cafeteria, and a hyper-focus on diversity and gender equality.

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9. S. Sharma Tax, Inc.

With just a few employees, S. Sharma Tax lands in the 9th spot on our list due to their great employee ratings. Among the things S. Sharma Tax is great at, employees state that they feel secure in their jobs and commend the company for it’s attitude toward older colleagues.

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BDO, LLP was established in 1910 and has between 1,000 and 5,000 employees today. The company’s employees give it an average rating of 3.88 stars out of a potential total of 5, indicating above-average satisfaction among team members.

BDO has over 55 offices located throughout the United States with additional offices in over 158 countries worldwide, making it the fifth largest accounting firm in the world. A remarkable 95% of team members at BDO approve of the company’s CEO.

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7. Honthy & Zarlenga Financial, LLC

With less than 10 employees, Honthy & ZARLENGA FINANCIAL LLC is one of the smallest companies to make our list. Based in Poland, Ohio, Honthy & Zarlenga provides tax preparation services to individuals and business as well as bookkeeping and start-up help. It’s employees rate it a remarkable 5 stars in the workplace safety, career development, challenging work, and company culture categories.

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6. Instant Tax Service

Instant Tax Service is an income tax preparation firm founded in 2000 and franchising since 2004. It now operates with over 1000 locations nationwide, which means that it employs a lot of employees! The employees who reviewed the company on kununu gave the company a score of 4 or more across the majority of the 18 different work life categories, which is why the company lands at #6. One former employee cites these things as positive aspects about working there; “Leadership Support, Teamwork, Socially Aware and Challenging Work.”

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5. Franchise Tax Board

The Franchise Tax Board was established in 1929 with a goal of making it easier for Californians to file and pay taxes every year. The company’s employees rate it 4.44 stars out of five, placing it in the #5 spot on our list.

According to its team members, Franchise Tax Board is doing a number of things right, including teamwork, inclusiveness, diversity, gender equality, and career development. In addition, the employer offers health and wellness benefits, a pet-friendly workplace, and employee discounts.

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4. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Founded in 1982, Jackson Hewitt is a household name in the industry. And based on the company’s reviews on kununu, the reason why it’s on this list is because it nabs some of the best employees and keeps them engaged by offering a performance bonus on tax returns completed and reduced or flexible hours for non-traditional workers.


3. Liberty Tax Services Inc.

Liberty Tax Service was founded in 1997 and has over 4,000 offices throughout the United States and Canada today. An impressive 65% of Liberty Tax Services employees would recommend the job to their friends, which speaks to the company’s success in creating great opportunities. Perks like employee discounts and free snacks and drinks might help tip the scale, too.

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2. H & R Block Services, Inc.

Founded in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1955, H & R Block has grown significantly to operate 12,000 offices worldwide presently. The company’s employee ratings land it in the coveted #2 spot on our list, with ratings averaging 4.76 stars out of five.

Aside from offering every benefit known to man in as many offices as possible, H & R Block hits it home by insuring the work is challenging and rewarding for its team members with freedom to work independently and career development opportunities.

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1. Major Accounting and Tax Services

Major Accounting and Tax Services has been in business since 1994 and has completed over 21,000 tax returns since then, making them a leader in the industry. A shocking 100% of their employees would recommend them to friends and family.

Among the things that landed Major Accounting and Tax in the #1 spot on our list include their awesome company culture, teamwork, management support, and effective internal communication.



The companies that made this list have a few things in common; they focus on providing opportunity for professional growth and autonomy to their team members and strive to provide a wide range of benefits. What are you doing to keep your team happy?


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Our Methodology:
For this top 10 list, we took the top 10 U.S. companies within the tax consulting / auditing industry with the highest overall kununu score as of 2017. All employee reviews collected since the launch of the U.S. kununu platform (in 2016) factor into the kununu scores in this list. A kununu score is a star rating between 0 and 5 and it is an average rating derived from how kununu reviewers rated 18 different workplace factors at that particular company.  These workplace factors include “company culture”, “work-life balance”, “support from management”, “gender equality”, “job security”, “career development” and more. Reviewers consist of current and former employees. Please also note that since kununu is a living and ever-changing platform where employees can freely add their reviews on companies, the scores on this list may differ from the companies’ current scores on


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