Top 10 Non-Profit Companies in the U.S

Linda Le Phan

Employees are more likely to feel engaged in their work when they believe their work is meaningful; that is, making a difference in their communities, their state, and their world. Non-profits are often intensely successful at creating meaningful work, making it challenging to narrow down the list of organizations to find one that feels like home to you.

Here, we’ve done the leg work to bring you the top ten non-profits as rated by kununu users. Current and former employees provide first-hand insight into the company’s culture and operations, helping you be highly selective in your search and make the most informed choice.

Here’s everything we think you’d like to know about the top 10 non-profits.

1. CareSource

A non-profit Medicaid managed care plan, CareSource landed on our list with a high kununu score of 4.22 stars. 87% of current and former employees recommend employment with the organization due to teamwork and gender equality, among other factors.

One employee shares that “management is very good” when it comes to praising employees for their effort and quick to help when things veer off course. Multiple employees describe the environment at CareSource as family-like.

You can learn more about career opportunities, benefits, and other aspects of employment on their website.

2. Boys Town

Founded on the belief that there are no bad children, only bad environments and bad examples, Boys Town strives to help children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds thrive.

The organization receives high ratings from its employees, who give it 4.14 stars and rave about the rewarding work and awesome benefits package. If you’d like to explore this non-profit as a potential employer, visit Boys Town today for all the information you need.


3. Head Start

The Head Start program promotes school readiness of preschool children who come from low-income families to improve their chances of long-term success. Services include education, health services, and social services.

Head Start employees enjoy working for the non-profit. 78% recommend it as a great place to work and employees rate it 4 stars out of 5 on average. Some of the perks of working at Head Start include frequent training and a positive team environment.

To learn how your talents might be put to work at Head Start, visit their website today.

4. Boys & Girls Club

With a remarkable 92% recommendation rate, Boys and Girls Club has earned its place on our list fair and square. Just a few of the reasons employees rank it 4 stars out of 5 include the opportunity to make a difference in their communities and a “friendly, caring” company culture.

The mission of Boys and Girls Club is “to enable all young people…to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens,” which they achieve through community programs. To explore career opportunities with this non-profit, visit their website.

5. Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Focused on global research on learning and assessment, Education Test Service (ETS) is headquartered in New Jersey with over ten U.S. offices and four global subsidiary offices.

Its employees give it an average of 3.93 stars out of 5 with a 75% recommendation rate, earning it a spot on our list. They cite challenging work and the freedom to work independently as driving factors.

Their website has everything you need to know to explore ETS as a potential fit for your personal and professional goals.

6. Advocate Healthcare Network

The largest healthcare system in Illinois and a faith-based non-profit, Advocate Health Care’s employees rate it 3.93 stars out of 5.

Primary factors contributing to employee engagement include a positive company culture, challenging work, and support from management. If you’re interested in applying, their open positions are listed on the Advocate Health Care website for your convenience.



Impressively, 94% of current and former AARP employees recommend the employer as a place to work, which speaks volumes about their company culture and offerings. Reviewers cite a true organizational commitment to doing good things as a primary reason for their job satisfaction.

AARP’s primary goal is to empower adults to choose how they live as they age. You can find job opportunities and more information on their website.


8. People Inc.

With a 3.84-star rating and a 92% recommendation rate from its employees, People Inc easily made the list. The non-profit organization aims to help those with disabilities live as independently and successfully as possible.

“I love the work I do,” says one current employee of People Inc about her role in the non-profit. “You get to see the growth and change you are helping to achieve.”

To explore career opportunities and throw your name in the hat, visit the New York company’s website here.

9. City Year

City Year employees work to improve student outcomes in high-need schools, where students struggle to arrive ready to learn due to their circumstances at home. 78% of City Year employees recommend the non-profit as a place to work, giving it 3.67 stars on a 5-star scale.

Employees love working for City Year because they can see the tangible results of their work through improved student grades, social growth, and success.

To learn how you can contribute to City Year’s mission, visit the organization online today.

10. Partners Healthcare

A non-profit healthcare system “committed to patient care, research, teaching, and service to the community locally and globally,” Partners Healthcare landed on our list due to high employee ratings (3.63 stars) and recommendation rates (74%).

A supportive environment, positive company culture, and great teamwork are among the reasons employees say they love what they do at Partners.

You can explore the organization’s mission, vision, and career opportunities online.


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Our Methodology:

For this top 10 list, we took the top 10 U.S. companies within the non-profit industry with a minimum of 10 employee reviews (excluding religious and civic institutions), and with the highest overall kununu score as of December 2018. Reviewers consist of current and former employees. Please also note that since kununu is a living and ever-changing platform where employees can freely add their reviews on companies where they’ve worked, the scores on this list may differ from the companies’ scores on at a later date.

A company’s overall kununu score is a star rating between 0 and 5 and it is an average rating derived from how kununu reviewers rated that company across 18 different workplace factors. These workplace factors include “company culture”, “work-life balance”, “support from management”, “gender equality”, “job security”, “career development” and more, which you can find on any kununu review.


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