Top 10 Market Research Companies in the U.S.

Linda Le Phan

If you’re just joining us this week, we’ve been bringing you the Top 10 Companies in the U.S. across in a handful of specific industries based on our database of 2+ million total reviews (and counting!). In our first two roundups we shined a spotlight on the Top 10 Textile & Design Companies in the U.S and the Top 10 Hospital & Healthcare Companies in the U.S.

Next up: the market research industry.

The market research industry is a unique one because it’s involves the gathering, analyzing and interpreting of information that’s in service of other industries so that they can better understand their consumer, product or market. All of this activity is done in a systematic and analytical fashion.

So which market research companies have figured out just how to keep employees in the industry engaged and coming back for more? Read on to see the companies who topped the list:

(To learn more about how we arrived at this ranking list, check out our methodology at the bottom of this post.)

Top 10 Companies in the Market Research Industry

10. Verance Corporation

Verance Corporation was founded in 1999 and has remained a small but high-performing group since then, with between 11 and 50 employees today. Verance Corporation earned it’s place on our list by earning positive ratings from its employees on kununu, who enjoy having access to flexible work hours, free parking, and fun employee events at work.

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9. MarketOne International LLP

Founded in 1998, MarketOne International LLP has now grown to employee between 200 and 500 people, who also have lots of positive things to say. It’s possible MarketOne is best at work-life balance. One MarketOne International employee states, “I love the fact that I can take off to deal with my kids if needed and also work from home.”

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8. Scientific Research Corp

The 1,000 – 5,000 employees at 30-year-old Scientific Research Corp have shown their satisfaction with the company as an employer on kununu, landing it a solid spot at #8. According to Scientific Research Corp employees, the company hits it out of the ballpark when it comes to freedom to work independently, company image, and workplace safety.

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7. Precision Opinion, Inc.

With between 500 and a thousand employees, Precision Opinion is doing something right. Founded in 2006, the young company receives overall very positive ratings from its employees on kununu. According to people who work there, Precision Opinion is best at team work, freedom to work independently, inclusion, and diversity.

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6. The Npd Group, Inc.

Established in 1966, the Npd Group has had plenty of time to figure out what employees want. Their efforts have paid off; the 1,000-5,000 employee company has a rating of 2.86 stars on kununu.

Anonymous employees sharing their thoughts on employment at The Npd Group, Inc. shared these insightful comments:

  • “Good company for recent college graduates.”
  • “Smart coworkers; healthy attitudes and culture.”

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5. The Nielsen Company US LLC

The Nielsen Company is the oldest company on our top ten list. Founded in 1923, this company has over 10,000 employees today who highly recommend working there. One Nielsen employee is proud to say that “it’s a great place to work!” for anyone and everyone to see on our public platform. And in general, the company receives high ratings from it’s team members when it comes to perks and benefits as well.

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4. Maritzcx Research LLC

Maritzcx Research celebrated its 17th year of business this year, but that’s not all they have to celebrate. Their current and former employees think it’s a pretty great place to work, rating their experience there 3.52 stars out of five.

Maritzcx Research employees are often given the option to work from home and set their own schedule, which might contribute to the 87% approval rate of the company overall.

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3. Westat, Inc.

In business for over 50 years, Westat, Inc. has between 1,000 and 5,000 employees today who are singing the company’s praises on kununu. The company has earned a 4.35-star rating from it’s dedicated and satisfied team members.

Westat offers work-from-home opportunities, speaking to today’s worker. More than 70% of Westat employees would recommend employment to a friend or family member.

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2. Prodege, LLC

Prodege, LLC was founded in 2005 and has grown to employ between 50 and 200 employees currently. Its employees have used kununu to recommend the company to others and give the company a 4.36-star rating out of five.

Prodege is leading the way when it comes to progressive benefits by providing unlimited vacation time, which might be contributing to employee satisfaction. Prodege’s employees give it high ratings in nearly every kununu category.

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1. Invenio Marketing Solutions, Inc.

A young company founded in 2010, Invenio Marketing Solutions, Inc. has grown quickly and has 200-500 employees today. Invenio has earned itself the top spot on our list by earning an employee rating of 4.94 stars out of five – almost perfect!

Invenio has mastered employee engagement and company culture; employees describe it as a fun place to work with unprecedented work-life balance.

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These ten companies have more in common than their industry; each is striving to create a work environment that promotes freedom and work-life balance  – and are succeeding at it!

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Our Methodology:
For this top 10 list, we took the top 10 U.S. companies within the market research industry with the highest overall kununu score as of 2017. All employee reviews collected since the launch of the U.S. kununu platform (in 2016) factor into the kununu scores in this list. A kununu score is a star rating between 0 and 5 and it is an average rating derived from how kununu reviewers rated 18 different workplace factors at that particular company.  These workplace factors include “company culture”, “work-life balance”, “support from management”, “gender equality”, “job security”, “career development” and more. Reviewers consist of current and former employees. Please also note that since kununu is a living and ever-changing platform where employees can freely add their reviews on companies, the scores on this list may differ from the companies’ current scores on


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