Top 10 Companies for Gender Equality in the US

Susanna Kahr

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’ve trawled our database to find the top 10 American companies that are committed to creating equal opportunity for all. The only question is, with so many impressively diverse companies on the list, which one will you choose for your next job? Get the lowdown, here.

 1. Aptive Environmental

Coming in first place, with a seriously impressive gender equality score of 4.82, it’s Aptive Environmental! With offices all over the United States, this company offers environmentally friendly ways to get rid of bugs and clean your home or office. Employees here say that regardless of your age or gender, everyone is made to feel welcome and it feels like a big family. Diversity is top of the agenda and a lot of effort is made to create a fun and motivating place for everyone, so that everyone feels respected and able to work well together.

2. Rapid Response Monitoring

In second place is Rapid Response Monitoring, a New York-based security monitoring company. This company has a great gender equality score of 4.70 and it’s easy to see why. Employees praise the diversity of their teams with colleagues of all ages, genders and races being very well represented. And, it’s not just the hiring which is diverse, Rapid Response Monitoring also offers non-gender specific bathrooms which are hard to come by. In fact, one employee goes so far as to say that gender, race, religion just aren’t a factor here, because everyone is made to feel equally welcome and important.

3. Defenders 

This leading home security firm, based in Indianapolis, works around the clock to protect around 1.5 million American homes! It also features as number 3 on our list, for its equally big commitment to its employees and equal opportunity, which is backed up by its gender equality score of 4.69. The company culture at Defenders has been praised as abundant with positive morals, values and ethics to the extent that the only advice one kununu user had to give was for the company to continue maintaining this level of professional excellence. High praise, indeed! Employees here also appreciate the fact that the company is very family-oriented, which makes it a lot easier for parents to juggle both their home and professional commitments.

4. ScribeAmerica

Fort-Lauderdale-based ScribeAmerica, is an industry-leading provider of professional medical scribes for hospitals and doctors’ practices. This company has earned a place on our list with a gender equality score of 4.68! Employees here really feel that regardless of their gender, they are pushed to do their best and strive for something better, everyday. What’s more, they don’t just have great relationships with management, but with their clients and coworkers too, which makes it a rewarding place to work, for everyone.

5. Head Start

Head Start is an early childhood education program run by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. With locations throughout the country, Head Start prepares children and families of low-income for school, with a number of different education, health and social services. According to one kununu user, working here is something they look forward to, every single day, and another calls it the greatest company I have ever worked for, and these are just 2 examples of how much people enjoy working at this company. It likely has something to do with the diversity amongst the teams but also amongst the clients as employees here get to work with with children, elderly people, women and men every day.


IHSS otherwise known as In-Home Supportive Services, provides personal care and domestic services to blind, disabled or older people who live in their own homes. IHSS provides care to those people who might otherwise be placed in an out-of-home care facility but can remain safely in their own home with the help of IHSS services. And the support here extends beyond just that given to clients, there is a caring culture amongst colleagues too, and employees feel that they are always there for you and listen to your problems.  There are also a diverse range of different clients, which means that the younger personal care staff take care of the elderly and experience a wonderful mix of cultures and beliefs during their work day!

7. Gwinnett County Public Schools

Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia, Atlanta, is the city’s largest school system, with 143 schools and an estimated 180,000 students enrolled for the 2017-2018 school year. It has an impressive gender equality score of 4.58 with employees praising the great diversity amongst their colleagues and the great support system amongst the teachers which boosts everyone up.

8. Norton Healthcare 

With more than 40 clinics and hospitals in and around Louisville, Kentucky, Norton Healthcare is one of the states leading health care systems. It also has a gender equality score of 4.57, giving it a worthy place on our list. If you want to get an idea of how diverse and supportive working here is, just check out what this kununu user had to say: I have worked for other healthcare facilities in town, and this one provides great benefits that are above or comparable to those in the local market. They have a diverse workforce, and embrace the diversity of their customers.

9. Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels has been providing elder care to families across the United States since 1998. The network of elder care franchised agencies is committed to providing families with the best possible in-home care services. With a gender equality score of 4.54 it’s safe to say that this home-care provider is committed to providing equal opportunity for all. But it goes even further by treating you like family and loving everyone equally and by making sure that there is someone whom you can call 24/7 if you have any problems or need help. 

10. Ultimate Software 

Last, but by absolutely no means least, we have Ultimate Software, a provider of HR software solutions designed to improve a company’s human capital management. The company’s “People First” slogan says it all really, but it’s obvious that this is really taken on board throughout the company, to the extent that one kununu user described Ultimate Software as a company made in heaven! Also, when it comes to equal opportunity, one employee said I’m a female in a technical role and have not faced any adversity or bad attitudes. Just open minded folks ready to listen, learn and share whilst another applauded the impressive initiatives around inclusion.

The Top 10 Companies for Gender Equality in the US

PlaceCompanyIndustrykununu ScoreGender Equality Score
1Aptive EnvironmentalOther Industries4,734,82
2Rapid Response Monitoring Services, Inc.Other IndustriesSecurity4,624,70
3DefendersOther Industries4,464,69
4ScribeAmericaHospital & Health Care3,784,68
5head startCivic & Social Organizations/Non-profits4,004,61
6IHSSOther Industries4,174,58
7Gwinnett County Public SchoolsPrimary & Secondary Education/Higher Education/E-Learning4,234,58
8Norton HealthcareConsulting4,274,57
9Visiting AngelsHospital & Health Care3,804,54
10Ultimate SoftwareInformation Technology and Services/Network Security4,384,54

The survey was conducted on the 03/04/2019. To take part, the company must have at least 30 reviews on kununu and one new review since 09/04/2018.


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