The top 10 most supportive companies in the US

Susanna Kahr

Working for a boss that supports us is a top priority for many of us. The relationships we make at work are built on trust and commitment so any company that supports us in our professional development and makes our workplace a fun, supportive place to be is the kind of company we’re all looking for. Here at kununu, we’ve trawled through our workplace reviews to find the very best, most supportive companies in the US. With this list, you too can find your next company and reap the benefits of having a supportive management team while you’re at it!

1. Aptive Environmental

Ranking in first place is Aptive Environmental with a Support from Management score of 4.84! This nationwide environmentally friendly pest control company, has a referral rate of 99%. It’s easy to see why it’s our number one, when you read about what employees had to say about the level of support they’ve received from management here. Employees describe working at Aptive Environmental, as like being part of a small family and praise their bosses for a number of things. For one employee, their manager is “the reason I have stayed.” The whole management team is praised for being “well-trained and educated to help other employees be successful”, and for being available “anytime I ever have any questions.” What’s more, Aptive Environmental also offers Christmas and Thanksgiving day off and yearly salary raises, and bonuses! What’s not to love?

2. Rang Technologies

Ranking a close second is New Jersey’s Rang Technologies with a Support from Management score of 4.82. This company, which specializes in big data, cybersecurity and software solutions, is a worthy contender as it has a referral rate of 100%! But don’t take our word for it. Employees at Rang Technologies have so much to say about the exceptional support on offer here. They say, managers and employees work as a team, in each and every stage of work, management’s role is very supportive and that this is a great place to start your career! So, how about it?

3. Turner Construction Company

Turner Construction Company also has a referral rate of 100%! This international construction services company, which operates all over the US, also excels in its support for employees. Working here means you could be part of some of its famous construction projects like the transformation of Madison Square Garden, San Diego International Airport and Whitney Museum of American Art, and have access to all the support you need. At the Turner Construction Company there are weekly contractor meetings on operations and production, which facilitate stronger communication and the ability to resolve critical issues. There are also courses for leadership and everyone, manager, peer or field guys that always has something new for you to learn. And, there’s never a dull moment!

4. SafeStreets USA

This North Carolina-based home security and alarm systems provider ranks highly on this list for its  commitment to diversity, from supporting handicapped employees to striving for absolute gender equality. This company has a Support from Management score of 4.65 and according to its employees, management here really goes above and beyond to support the needs employees have in the field and provide endless opportunities and tools to help everyone to succeed. Management is also really open to feedback and comments on every single review, here on kununu!

5. Fast Trak Inc.

Virginian marketing agency, Fast Trak Inc. offers customized sales and marketing plans aimed at bringing out the best in the goods and services belonging to their clients. Management here also strives to bring out the best in their employees too! Here, it’s the people who make the company, and we are all family, so much so that everyone goes on an annual all inclusive family vacation together! Employees love the great energy throughout the office, and have so few suggestions for improvements, that all they can suggest are things like a new coat of paint on the arcade machine! Sign us up.

6. Rapid Response Monitoring Services, Inc.

This New York security monitoring company offers monitoring services nationwide and internationally. Rapid Response Monitoring Services, Inc. ranks in this list as its employees give it a support from management score of 4.55! Professional development is of utmost importance here as management is compared to successful sports coaches for whom training is the most important thing. Employees here are given personal coaching sessions in the form of regular meetings with their managers and have the opportunity to work their way to the jobs they love, thanks to the support on offer from their coaches.

7. James Madison University

Established in 1908, this state university in Virginia has around 21,000 students! Employees at this university feel stretched and challenged too, as they rate the support from the management team with an impressive score of 4.44. Everyone has the chance to excel and grow and management give the feeling that they really care about their employees. What’s more, work-life balance is really important and if anyone works longer than they’re expected to, then they’re given time off later on. In fact, employees here are so happy with the level of support they receive that they look forward to going to work the majority of their lives here which is high praise indeed!

8. Brigham Young University

The second university to rank on this list is Brigham Young University in Utah. Established in 1878, this university now offers 68 different masters degrees in a range of disciplines including engineering, agriculture, management, nursing and law. Working here is a lot of fun, especially as supervisors introduce some friendly monthly competitions for rewards for things like who can shelve the most CDs, or do their chores every week, etc. Employees also rate the university’s retirement packages very highly as they’re offered insurance coverage, a secure pension and are able to attend all classes on the campus for free! When someone retires, they’re sent off in style, with an all-expenses paid party.

9. Defenders

This Indianapolis-based home security provider is a leader in the industry, protecting the homes of more than 1.5 million American families! It’s easy to see why they have a support from management score of 4.39, as employees say that they receive great support from day one, with one employee saying “I have never being welcome to a new job with open arms and everyone ready to help.” Long-standing employees also praise the leadership team’s organization of the cultural day, where values are communicated and the goals of the company are discussed and the message that this company is built for people to succeed.

10. Primerica

Last but by no means least, we have Georgian life insurance provider — Primerica. They rank on this list with a support from management score of 4.33. This leading distributor of financial products to middle income households, is led by a management team that is famous for its diversity. The company culture is open minded and every “workstyle” is accepted and employees can work from home, should they need or want to. Training is also really important, so employees get a lot of coaching and mentoring. In the words of one employee, working here means working with highly motivated people who work well together and that type of energy is infectious and I feel enthused by that energy. So what are you waiting for? This could be just the place for you.

The top 10 most supportive companies in the US

PlaceCompanyIndustrykununu ScoreSupport-Score
1Aptive EnvironmentalOther Industries4,734,84
2Rang TechnologiesInformation Technology and Services/Network Security4,734,82
3Turner Construction CompanyConstruction/Architecture & Planning4,454,67
4SafeStreets USAConsumer Electronics4,454,65
5Fast Trak IncMarketing/Advertising/PR4,694,63
6Rapid Response Monitoring Services, Inc.Other Industries4,624,55
7James Madison UniversityPrimary & Secondary Education/Higher Education/E-Learning4,394,44
8Brigham Young UniversityPrimary & Secondary Education/Higher Education/E-Learning4,374,43
9DefendersOther Industries4,464,39
10PrimericaAccounting/Financial Services4,344,33

The survey was conducted on the 02/18/2019. To take part, the company must have at least 30 reviews on kununu and one new review since 08/18/2018.


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