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Top 10 companies in the U.S with awesome teamwork culture

Linda Le Phan

How important to you is it to have coworkers who you not only get along with but can also *work* productively with as fellow team members? Well, unless you’re a loner, “solopreneur”, or simply don’t care about your career, then the answer is probably that it’s “very important”!

Being able to work together seamlessly with your coworkers and to rely on strong teamwork at your workplace can make the difference between being happy (or at least content) with your job and instead… wanting to quit.

It takes a lot to fix bad teamwork culture, so your best bet is to look for a company where teamwork is already pretty good. We did the legwork for you and found a bunch of companies where this is the case, according to the companies’ employees themselves. Check it out – you might find it interesting to see the many different types of companies that made the list and even find a company you’d want to work for:

Top 10 companies in the U.S with awesome teamwork culture:


kununu score: 4.92

H2M is a professional design and consulting firm that helps its clients solve architectural, engineering and environmental challenges with its team of architects and engineers. While this line of work isn’t for everyone, it seems like H2M has done a great job in finding the right talent and building a strong working culture around it, seeing as their teamwork score on kununu is an impressive 4.92 after more than dozen employee reviews!

Employees say: Everyone is very willing to help make you a better professional, no matter what level or how busy someone may be everyone always finds time.

Northshore Education Corsortium

kununu score: 4.92
Northshore Education Consortium is provider of special education programs for children with emotional, behavioral, and developmental disabilities on the North Shore of Massachusetts – in fact, it’s the largest of its kind in the region. In any workplace setting that involves caring for children, especially those with special needs, a compassionate team culture is so crucial. Fortunately, it looks like that Northshore Education Corsortium has this going for it, which is probably one of the reasons it has been a thriving organization since 1975.

Employees say: My Coworkers are the most positive aspect of the company

Mountain America Federal Credit Union

kununu score: 4.88

Mountain America Federal Credit Union, also known as MACU, is a North Carolina-based federally-insured credit union that offers financial products and services across eight locations in NC. As we’ve noticed in other companies on this list, MACU is very customer-focused as a business, which is a huge sign that they have caring, compassionate employees. Add in the fact that it’s a bank means that patience is a necessity too among its team members. Put that altogether and it’s not too surprising that they have a great teamwork score, but that’s still cause for celebration!

Employees say: Great company with great benefits. Fun, welcoming environment. Great leadership.

Deltek, Inc.

kununu score: 4.85

Deltek, Inc. is a tech company that offers enterprise software, ERP (enterprise resource planning) and information business solutions for services firms and government contractors. Deltek, Inc. makes a great example of the fact that just because the workplace culture in a tech company isn’t as “people-centered” as companies where a lot of roles are customer and people-facing – like retail, healthcare, and professional services – that doesn’t mean that teamwork isn’t needed or valued. On the contrary actually; in order for a tech company to succeed, grow, and scale, teams within it have to work well to meet complex challenges effectively.

Employees say: Working at Deltek is very rewarding and I feel valued!

Aptive Environmental

kununu score: 4.83

Aptive Environmental is a environmentally-responsible pest control company that offers residential and commercial services to “make life easier, homes safer and businesses more productive.” That’s a pretty bold statement, but given it’s truly stellar scores across pretty much every work-life category including and most relevantly teamwork, it would seem that Aptive Environmental knows a thing or two about running a solid, productive company culture. These scores come from employee reviews, after all, and Aptive Environmental has over 160 reviews!

Employees say: Aptive is a family. They work very hard to create a fun and motivating place for everyone.

Shepherd Center, Inc.

kununu score: 4.82

Shepherd Center, Inc. is a private, not-for profit hospital in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in the medical treatment, research and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury and disease, acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and other neuromuscular problems. Hospitals are one type of company where there are so many focus areas, specialists and departments that it’s hard to know if teamwork “works” well in it, but according to Shepherd Center, Inc.’s employee reviews, its teamwork culture truly is a strong point for the hospital, which ought to be attractive for prospective job seekers who want to work for a hospital with a great team culture.

Employees say: I love everything about this company because I feel that they value their employees and appreciate what we do.

lululemon Athletica

kununu score: 4.76

lululemon Athletica is a relatively well-known premium yoga-inspired athletic wear brand that has retail stores all around the world, with over 200 in the United States. It’s true that each of these stores have their own dynamics, but since they’re all unified by the lululemon Athletica brand and corporate structure, it’s very likely that when something is common in the work-life across several locations it’s not just a fluke or coincidence. Great teamwork is one example of that; its employees have given the retailer a high teamwork score of 4.76 and many of them are very expressive of the things they love about working for the company in its company reviews.

Employees say: So much fun! The benefits are incredible and great to work in a good environment.

Greyhound Bus Lines

kununu score: 4.74

Greyhound Bus Lines is one of the top transportation companies in the U.S. and for good reason: it serves over 3,800 destinations across America and it’s been a thriving company for over 100 years! You can’t survive that long – in a tough industry no less (transportation) – without doing a thing or two right. Teamwork is one of those things for Greyhound, as many of its employees give it high scores for teamwork.

Employees say: I get to meet people everyday and see beautiful sites and get paid to do it.

Jersey City Medical Center

kununu score: 4.73

Jersey City Medical Center is a state-of-the-art medical center that provides treatment across a full spectrum of medical care and it has been given several national distinctions for safety, Nursing Excellence, and being a “Leader in LGBT”. This standard of excellence doesn’t just happen on its own – it comes from great leadership, smart talent, and strong teamwork, the latter of which is proven by its placement on this list! With a high teamwork score of 4.73, Jersey City Medical Center is actually the only the second hospital on this list which says a lot about its internal culture of teamwork compared to other healthcare companies.

Employees say: Everyone is so helpful. Working there gives me an opportunity to give back and feel good about it.

Green Solar Technologies

kununu score: 4.72

Green Solar Technologies is the only energy company on this list and one of the leading solar energy companies in the U.S. The company’s mission to provide high quality service and materials to its customers and to providing “green” solutions for the planet are just two ways you can tell that this company is made up of genuine, compassionate people. This positive energy has naturally trickled down into its company culture too, with its teamwork score landing it on this top 10 list among hundreds of thousands of other companies on kununu.

Employees say: I feel blessed each day. Going to work and looking forward to another productive and enlightening day is awesome.


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