The kununu Job Seeker News Roundup: Week of July 17th

Sofia Kathryn Coon

Hey All – Hope you’re enjoying Summer as much as I am. Per usual, here is the latest stories to give you a boost in your job hunt. Check out the advice from The Street, The Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur and more.

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6 Best Job Search Lessons I Learned After 10 Years Away
The Street, Judy King, July 12, 2017

If you have been away from the workforce, returning on the job search can be just as strenuous because you are starting from scratch again. The key to making the most of job search is to update your presence online, networking, redefine your search and definitely help fellow job seekers as well.

Job Search Tips for New International Students
Vault, Derek Loosvelt, July 12, 2017

International students are the minority when it comes to job seekers in the U.S. Currently, more colleges are pairing up with career coaches that focus on skills and interests of the international job seekers. They tell these students to focus on their pre-U.S. career and jobs and to have a negative viewpoint about Trump’s immigrants propositions.

The Biggest Mistakes Job Seekers Make Today
Knowledge@Wharton, Illana Gershon, July 10, 2017

Job seekers today are becoming more decisive and clever as to what kind of job they are searching for. The internet has allowed them to do in-depth research on companies. They are investing lots of time to perfect their online profiles, which is taking time away from actively making personal phone calls and interviewing. This generation of job seekers is more concerned with their personal branding than any other aspect of the job search process, which is causing to have negative outcome on their search.

5 things high-powered women need to know about work-life balance
Chicago Tribune, Alison Bowen, July 16, 2017

The biggest challenge facing women in the workforce is their ability to use their voice when it comes to matters of family, children, and topics concerning their time off/ benefits. It becomes an even bigger challenge when their competing a mostly male dominated industry. A lot of women are opting out of asking for any sort of small benefit as it might take away chances from their current work/life balance. The best advice is to talk about your family, and to let it be known that you are also a working mother and seek the work/life balance that you want.

How Can You Reverse Your Company’s Work-Life Imbalance? Through Yoga.
Entrepreneur, Elyssa Seidman, July 12, 2017

Since people’s value about what it means to work and enjoy life at the same time have changed dramatically, companies are now starting to think outside-the-box of how they can tackle this balance for their employees. These recent trends are, office dogs, rooftop parties, free food, and yoga classes. Yoga is becoming more popular as it also helps with tackling stress. If companies are to gain more talent, they will have to accommodate to these trends.

Paving the Way for Work-Life Balance, Richard Walton, July 11, 2017

Define your work structure and how you manage your time. Allow yourself to be flexible if your goal is to have a balance between your in and outs of work. Always appreciate the time you have and take advantage of the weekends. If you are truly invested in both, you’ll balance work and the non-work aspects perfectly.

How the Tech Revolution is Bringing Flip-Flops and Beanbags to Wall Street
OZY, James Watkins, July 16, 2017

The formality of the office environment is shifting. You’ll find more offices accommodating to the young professionals by implementing fun-filled office environments. In contrast, the financial industry is lacking the company culture, but that will soon begin to shift as they will have to add the bean bags and flip flops to have a more flexible work environment.

How Tech Employees Really Feel about their Bosses
Fortune, Grace Donnelly, July 10, 2017

Recent employee feedback about their managers is their lack of communication. This feedback derives from younger employees rather than older employees. Employees are also communicating their need for leaders who are focused on their vision and goals. This kind of employee feedback is necessary for companies to hear and this kind of transparency should occur frequently between boss and employees.

Study: Communication Is the Number One Problem For Bosses
TECH.CO, Conor Cawley, July 11, 2017

There is a lack of communication between boss and employees. The work environment is causing there to this non communicative culture. Employees are even mentioning that they believe this is a cause of pessimistic energy from their bosses. Now more than ever, employees are not afraid to be speak out against this lack of communication, as they should due to the effects it has in their work.

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