Sustainability in the workplace – a perspective from Green Solar

Susanna Kahr

The discussion of climate change and renewable energy has become a common-place theme in our current society. The threats and consequences of climate change are very real and very imminent. Although there is the common group of skeptics, it is rarely doubted that clear personal and bigger scale changes need to be made in sake of a better, cleaner tomorrow.

It can at times seem rather straightforward for one’s personal contributions and the little changes within the day that can be easily implemented. The decision is, after all, always on the individual. However, it can become a little bit more difficult when on a larger scale, like at the workplace. Larger groups of people, trash and paper are only a few examples of the larger scale impact office spaces have on climate change.

Cluttered office to green oasis

For this reason, there is even more incentive to think of better and more eco-friendly solutions within the workspaces that limit plastic use, trash, energy consumption and more. Incentivizing and implementing changes in offices are important because they lead to better habits which the employees can implement in their own homes, and of course, for the obvious reason that breeds sustainability in places where a lot of waste is produced.

Green Solar – living up to sustainabilty

We spoke to the company Green Solar Technologies, a company dedicated in equipping others renewable energy alternatively. When asking the CEO why he thought it’s worthwhile to work in an environmental friendly company, he answered: “Working in an environmental friendly company is more than just a job with all the climate change talk and GREEN NEW DEAL, you will be a part of a big change. The way we affect the environment will be our actions today and you will be a part of it.” We also asked why GreenSolar is the place to go to, he said: “There are many solar companies out there but there are a few who are serving more than 15 states with great reviews and great culture.” This is certainly interesting and useful information. As we were sure that such a change could result in only good consequences, we further asked about the positive effects that working for a renewable energy company could have on the employees, to which she answered: “I think knowing they are part of the big picture is very important to most who work at GreenSolar. Knowing they just helped a homeowner saving money on their utility bill while helping the environment is very satisfying.”

Your contribution

In regard to the workplace, there are many little changes that can be made in order to create more sustainability. Having a team dedicated to sustainability and looking out for the best methods for recycling or alternative materials within the office is already a great start. This way there is a clear goal and clear group of people whose sole responsibility and energy can go into that. Building on that, creating weekly or monthly challenges for employees can incentivize better habits. Embracing renewable energy and being sparing with electricity is yet another example of this, with GreenSolar being the place to go for that. One tip from CEO himself was: “Bring your own glass water bottle will be a start plastic as become a big burden.”



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