Should You Break Up With Your Job? (6 Signs It’s Time to Quit)

Paige Breaux

Do Monday mornings make you dread getting out of bed? Do you feel unappreciated by your manager or emotionally  drained by your never-ending workload?   

Just like a bad romantic relationship, a toxic workplace can have a huge impact on your happiness and mental health. If you feel like you’ve tried every possible compromise but your job is still making you feel burnt out and bored, it might be time to quit your job and move on to the next great opportunity. 

If you’re unsure whether it’s the right time to look for a new position take our quiz to help determine if should break up with your job or stick it out. Then, check out our break down of the different reasons why your current workplace may not be right for you.

6 Signs It May Be Time to Quit Your Job: 

If you’ve been wondering if its time to hand in that resignation letter, consider some of the following warning signs:

1. Your Sunday Stress Has Turned Into Full On Anxiety






Everyone’s experienced a case of the “Sunday scaries,” those anxious butterflies you get at the end of a fun, relaxing weekend when you realize you have to go back to dealing with everyday responsibilities. However, if your Sunday nights have you losing sleep and feeling full-blown dread about having to face the office on Monday morning, it’s a sign that your workplace isn’t adding value to your life like it should be.

2. You Seek Out Procrastination

We’re all guilty of occasionally switching over to Facebook or sending a quick text while at work. But if you’ve gotten to the point where sitting at your desk  is a constant battle of  trying not to look and the clock, your skills are clearly not being put to use. If you spend the majority of the day “pretending to work” and are starting to actually get a kick out of doing as little as possible, you’ll probably be better off elsewhere.

3. You Feel Stuck





There’s a reason why so many high school sweethearts eventually “out grow” their  first relationships. People are always maturing and changing which is why professional development is an essential part of any career. If you keep getting passed over for promotions, blocked from participating in any upper-level responsibilities, or have simply reached the highest point of your career path you might want to seek out challenges by starting over in a new role.

4. You’re Not Appreciated By Your Boss






A bad boss is a deal breaker even if every other part of your work life seems fine. Your boss should be your mentor and a source of leadership and stability at work. If your boss is constantly criticizing you without providing feedback, ignoring your suggestions, or taking credit for your work without giving you any acknowledgment, it’s time to cut them loose.

5. Complaining About Work Has Become Your Part-Time Job





Everyone’s needed to unload to their inner circle after a tough day at the office. But if every single happy hour features your standard rants about your crazy cubicle neighbor and how much you can’t stand your demanding manager, your friends are going to get sick of it and start wondering why you bother sticking around somewhere you clearly hate. If your friends or family members seem bothered by how much your job affects your mood you may want to take their concerns to heart.

6. You’re Excited About Outside Opportunities







Whether you feel a twinge of envy hearing about all the cool perks at your cousin’s new office or have been curiously checking online job boards for any openings at that exciting new startup, your mind is clearly no longer in it. While it may feel like you’re trapped in your current company forever, new positions are posted everyday. Take advantage of employee feedback and online reviews to make sure your next job is a perfect fit!



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