Review what matters. It’s time.

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If you’re active on social media, you might’ve encountered the laughing “Chewbaca Mask Lady” and her video capturing her review of this Star Wars character costume. Candace Payne now holds the record of having posted the most viewed Facebook Live video of all time. Her hysterical product review of an electronic Chewbacca mask has not only earned her a place in internet history but also netted her an invite to visit Facebook HQ from Zuckerberg himself, a feature on the Late Late Night show with James Corden and $400,000 in scholarship money from Southeastern University for her children. After the video was posted, Forbes reported that the mask sold out from three major online retailers.  That’s the power of opinion. Think if we put it to use in more important ways.

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People review almost everything. We all enjoy the space for self-expression–whether good or bad, to fight back, speak up or join in the conversation. There is no shortage of opinions. Thanks to the internet, our voices are blaring louder than ever before on almost any kind of topic–from restaurants and movies to music, fashion and home service providers. Be it thumbs up, thumbs down, star ratings, emoticons and more, we have so many ways to share our views on everything we experience. But surprisingly, our opinions on one of the most important elements of our lives–where we work–are lagging. Since the average person spends the majority of their time awake working, more than 90,000 hours in a lifetime, isn’t it time to speak up?

Most of what we review are short-lived experiences. Rating that restaurant might save someone from a bad dinner. Reviewing that movie could change the course of someone’s Friday night out. And commenting on a plumber? Well, you could save someone a momentary headache in home repair. Reviewing your company, however, could have a lasting, resounding effect. It helps you offer actionable feedback to your employer so they can improve. It helps others decide whether they might fit in with your company so they don’t have a “what have I done” moment. It creates a single record of your personal experience and adds to a greater long-term history of the company. Pretty important, when you think of it that way.

Let’s face it, failing to heed the product reviews of a gadget before you buy it might cause you momentary regret. But if you neglect to get real information on a job before you accept it, you could be kicking yourself a whole lot longer. According to a 2016 Workplace Transparency Survey we performed, 86% of Americans we polled said they didn’t even know of any online tools that provide honest information on employers. That’s where kununu comes in. We provide people with a platform to share their unfiltered opinions about their workplace, anonymously. Together, we’re building the kind of reviews that matter in your worklife. And we invite you to play an important part.

The time for transparency in the workplace is now. Add your voice and join the transparency revolution.

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