Our intern asks CEO Moritz Kothe about transparency.

annaliza at kununu

As a company who’s mission and vision is workplace transparency, it’s also our day-to-day modus operendi. We give every employee a voice. And yes, that includes our invaluable interns. We invited our marketing intern to capture his impressions now having been with us after a whopping 2.5 weeks. Here’s what he said, unfiltered, unedited and fully transparent, we hope:

Face to Face: Intern to CEO

While it is possibly the greatest and grandest form of cliché out there, I wanted to start my introductory post with a quote. “Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how” (Agnes De Mille). Each pathway you chose in life is another quest; a journey towards a destination you haven’t quite figured out.

As I began my Marketing internship with kununu this summer, I had no idea of what was to come. Stepping into the office that first day I was greeted with the smiling faces, the handshakes, I even held the elevator door open for the CEO! Yeah that’s right. I was overwhelmed. This is not how I had imagined businesses would operate. For years I had been exposed to different sorts of jobs and companies, and in almost every example, the leadership was sort of an untouchable source of power. But here it was different. It wasn’t your normal office space. There were no cubicles. No barriers cutting one department from the other. And of course, very little in house emails. At first, I thought this was just due to the new wave of organizations. It was more modern, looked nicer. However, in time I realized that the unique appearance wasn’t due to any corporate trend. It was a direct result of how kununu runs and the mentality of the leadership behind it.

In that office the first week I heard the word transparency more times than ever before in my life. They live and breathe it there. Every Friday, the entire company sits down and discusses exactly what everyone has been up to that week. From the CEO right down to me, the intern. And while his status update may be longer, it never feels like mine is of less importance. The belief is that we have to drink the Kool-Aid. If we are selling ourselves as a way for other companies to be more transparent and help out their employees, then we must do the same. Everybody in our company is devoted to that mission.

In a recent interview, I spoke to our CEO, Moritz Kothe about what his thoughts were and he could not have been more genuine. Having to move from another country, uproot his family and find a way to start a company was a momentous undertaking, but he did it all to ensure that more honest relationships between companies and employees not only begin but persevere. His tireless pursuit is an admirable one. One that fuels our goal as we ready for our big launch. It’s a hustle, everyone is sleeping a little and working a lot, but that honest, open and true leadership makes it easier. Not to mention the potential payoff when it’s done. Moritz said it himself “the ultimate goal is to make this world a better place”. What more motivation do we need? It’s rewarding it’s fun and its honest work. As an intern, I could not have picked a better place to sign on.