Ouch! Real real-talk on work conditions.

alex for kununu

Today we conclude our series on the best quotes from kununu reviews. Previous entries here and here.

Sometimes your job isn’t a pretty place to be. You want to let everyone know what you really think, but without giving away who you are. If you were an unscrupulous disgruntled worker, what would be the best way to leave an anonymous message for your coworkers? (For the record: don’t actually do this.)

  • Bathroom graffiti
  • Sonnets making fun of the boss left under people’s keyboards
  • Skywriting
  • Message spelled in a bowl of Spaghetti-Os
  • Secret acrostic email insult, like the Governator

How would you (scrupulously) approach it?

Leaving a kununu review is always an option.

We’ve collected some of the best quotes from kununu reviews about company perks, “perks” being used very loosely here. And sarcastically. (Except for the donuts. That’s a real perk.)