Pepsi vs. CocaCola: Which employer sparkles the most?

Susanna Kahr

The division starts as early as school. We have to decide which team we’re on! Pepsi or CocaCola? Both are iconic, cool and sparkling trend beverages, and yet it’s one of the most hotly debated questions when it comes to what to drink. Some of us prefer the taste of Pepsi, others identify better with CocaCola‘s love brand. Today, we’re only interested in one thing and that’s which company is the better employer. Which company’s working atmosphere sparkles the most? And where do employees have a better taste in their mouths with regards to their management? Read on to find out more with our employer battle featuring the long time soft drink rivals Pepsi vs. CocaCola!

CocaCola: It’s (not) the real thing?

“I like the many benefits and positive work experiences. Still, you never know what to expect day to day.” – anonymous employer review

CocaCola was invented more than 130 years ago by pharmacist John Pemberton in Atlanta. He probably didn’t know back then that his soft drink would go on to conquer the world and put smiles on billions of faces. But do the employees at CocaCola also have something to smile about? Looking at kununu, one of the world’s largest employer rating platforms, it’s clear that CocaCola is an employer that doesn’t always taste sweet. Former employees even find  a few drastic words to describe their experiences in their reviews: “The hours killed me and my home life suffered,and the company kept cutting help which put more and more work on less and less people.” Well, these reviews don’t exactly make us want to “taste the feeling.” Nevertheless, one employee confesses: “Though the job is stressful and at times overwhelming, the company itself treats you well.” For example they give extra time off work when your baby is born and offer a great work culture as this employee writes, everyone was very friendly.” Another tells us that his co workers are very supportive of others and everybody is treated with respect. Seems like teamwork is pretty good? Let’s check it out and take a glimpse at the scores CocaCola has achieved in different review categories on kununu:



Is this enough for you to forget the stories about high workload and pressure from management? The question is, will we find a similar situation at Pepsi? Let’s find out!

Be young, have fun, work at Pepsi?

A decent place to work and stay employees. There are opportunities to transfer to different departments and pay is fair. – anonymous employer review

Pepsi was the second cola to make it onto the market. It’s the world’s second most popular soft drink and comes second concerning market share. But is it also the second best employer? “Just a positive work environment and a decent mix of coworkers, and caring and friendly environment and great company to work for and lots respect,” are just some of the things that former and actual employees of the soft drink producer Pepsi have to say on kununu. Along with a great environment, Pepsi offers tuition reimbursement, on the job training and workout facilities on site to their 263.000 employees to make sure that everybody feels comfortable. Furthermore, you have good chances for advancement if you are doing a good job. One employee shares his career on kununu, he started as a driver and is now a warehouse manager. But how hard do you have to work to come that far? In our reviews, former employees also reveal the dark side of a career at the soft drink giant: “Expect to get emails 24/7 as well as phone calls on your days off. Also your shift does not end until the job is done. 15hr days are not unheard of.” Besides long working hours, there also seems to be a different treatment when it comes to gender and age: “There’s a favoritism towards the older workers and they are unfair towards women.” To purify their employer’s soul they try to make up for this by sponsoring a lot of environmental projects and look after the future of our planet. This is also reflected in their environmental friendliness score on kununu: 3.61 points, which  is something they can be proud of!



To sum it up with the words of our kununu users: “Overall it has been a rewarding and positive experience.” But will Pepsi take the lead in the race against CocaCola? Or will it remainin second place forever?

Get on the coke side of life!

It was a tough race with a lot of ups and downs, overtaking and back pedaling, but at the end we have a winner. The crown for the soft drink king makes life tastes good and produces the “real thing”- it’s CocaCola! Surprised? If you read the kununu reviews of CocaCola earlier, then probably not, as one employee already writes in his review: “It’s an ok company I like better than Pepsi.”



Nevertheless, there’s no time for CocaCola to relax as Pepsi is hot on their heels. With a kununu Score of 3,56 points, CocaCola is our winner, but Pepsi is on their way to out compete their rival in the future with a score of 3,49 points. So, Pepsi and CocaCola, there’s still some room for improvement – for both of you. Take a big sip of your delicious colas, take the concerns of your employees seriously and improve the working conditions as well as the stress levels and make the soft drink branch to a great branch to work in. Whatever you do, make it sparkle again 😉



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