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Office Spaces: How to amp up your output

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Imagine your dream office. A place where you wouldn’t mind working for the rest of your life. What’s in there? Unlimited food? A gourmet kitchen? A zipline? A room full of scratch-and-sniff bananas? Well, you’re in luck. Check out some cool spaces we found:

Companies are now, more than ever, thinking about how your surroundings directly affect your work groove. Not surprisingly, there’s a whole load of studies showing how things like plenty of sunshine, vibrant colors and funkadelic furniture make work not only more tolerable, but actually make you WAY more productive. Not saying boring, standard style desks are your kryptonite but it’s not like they brighten up your day. The more engaged you are in your work, the more you’re going to be kicking butt and taking names in your office. And then, when you’re all done, you can sit back and relax in one of these bad boys, and reminisce on a job well done.

Now, as you look around at your office space and wonder where you can make some magic happen, here’s a few examples of companies that are bringing “wow” to their workplaces:

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It’s far from the college dorm the founders started in. When you walk into Facebook’s campus, the company culture smacks you in the face–in a good way. You can’t miss that it’s an innovative place to work. From a DJ Booth to meeting rooms disguised as mini living rooms and a full LEGO wall that beats the *&$%jh!! of your typical whiteboard. (Look at that Branding!)

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This start-up in the heart of Brooklyn, NY is killing it with color. Their office space and selection of furniture is full of bright, vibrant oranges, reds and blues, making the space a quirky, upbeat place to work. Fully equipped with a trendy robot art piece, modern boutique meeting spaces and multiple full wall whiteboards and chalkboards, this office is prime for allowing all sorts of creative ideas to flow.  Founder Bradford Shellhammer (badass last name alert) wanted to create a work environment that encourages individuality and an upbeat outlook. Using their product to the fullest, purchased all its office beauties on their own e-commerce website.

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This new crowdfunding website has got it all hooked up. Complete with a rooftop hangout space, an impressive array of fridges with multiple snacks and drinks to choose from and different themed hangout and work scrum themed meeting areas, Tilt certainly knows how to get people together. Always looking for people who are “passionate and driven executors”, Tilt realizes that those same hustlers need a break sometimes, and with the amount of plush couches located around the office, there is plenty of space for them to do it.

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Want a motorcycle friendly office, that also features a meeting space with a turf floor and a plethora of funky street art? Look no further than this rewards network and mobile application company. Located in San Francisco amongst a lot of auto repair shops, Kiip wanted to accentuate that vibe and outfit their garage turned office with trendy art pieces and motorcycle themed sitting areas. Embracing the open office format while also constructing small, exclusive rooms for private conversation, Kiip sees the value in employees having multiple options when it comes to how they want to work. Whether it be relaxed on a noise reducing chair or a conference room, you can always find a place to kick it at Kiip.

With more and more companies realizing the tender balance between work and life, offices are finally coming out of the dark ages. Teamwork and collaboration matter and companies need them in order to be successful. Therefore they have started to provide offices and furniture that garner to these skills and also make work a hell of a lot more fun.

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