Not feeling 100% engaged at work? It’s probably because you haven’t found your perfect employer yet

Susanna Kahr

Job engagement is a difficult thing. For most of us, Monday mornings just don’t make us feel as euphoric as the lead up to the weekend on a Friday afternoon. On the other hand, the most engaged and passionate employees are usually the most successful employees within the company. At kununu, we took a closer look into employee engagement in the US to find out where the most engaged employees work.

Job engagement – being emotionally attached to your company

You kinda like your profession and your job and you go to work each morning without any really negative feelings? Great! But what would instantlyskyrocket your engagement? Meaningful, varied, and challenging tasks help employees to approach their work openly and to bring new ideas and solutions to the company. And this is the foundation on which an employee can build up strong emotional feelings for the company. Another aspect is fairness and appreciation, especially if employees have already developed a strong sense of belonging at their company. These people really expect to be treated fairly and respectfully. So, there is a lot your employer can do to make you feel super engaged.

Employee engagement is on the rise in the U.S.

To determine where employees across the country feel the most engaged, kununu engage gathered data on the 50 most populous U.S. cities and asked kununu users from those locations how engaged they feel at their workplace.

The questions were structured around seven key factors that drive an employee’s engagement, including communication, interesting challenges, leadership, team spirit, work-life balance, work climate and working conditions. In total, 261,975 employees at 41,302 companies across the country were surveyed for the report within the last year and provided insights into their organization’s engagement levels.

In general, U.S. employees felt more engaged than the year before. On a 5-point-scale, the average engagement score improved from 3.33 to 3.64, a rise of 9.31%. Working conditions (3.83) improved the most (+ 12%) year-over. Interesting challenges (3.74) made the smallest jump, but were still rated 6.78% higher than the year before.

Los Angeles, California has the most engaged employees, Washington, D.C. comes in at the very end of the list

It seems like companies in Los Angeles are doing the best job in engaging employees. Topping this year’s list of cities with employees who feel most engaged is Los Angeles, CA (3.91). This city is the only one that has received ratings above 4 in two out of the seven different categories: Work climate (4.04) and working conditions (4.09). Miami, FL (3.84) came in second, New York, NY (3.81) took third place, with San Jose, San Francisco, and San Diego, three more cities from California, making it into the top of the list. Boston, MA, Raleigh, NC, Oklahoma City, OK, and Kansas City, MO round out the 10 cities with the most engaged employees. Washington, DC (3.53) didn’t make the cut and came in last place (50th).

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