McDonald’s vs. Burger King: Which tastes better for employees?

Susanna Kahr

The two fast food giants Burger King and McDonald’s have probably been in dispute since their foundation: Where do the fries taste better? Who has the most delicious burgers? Well, tastes are different and we don’t want to step on one side or the other in this fight. But we would like to initiate another battle – an employer duel between Burger King and McDonald’s. After all, neither of the two restaurant chains is said to be a great employer. But is this cliché true at all? And which of the two can end up putting on the fast food crown and calling themselves the better employer? First, let’s take a look at Burger King’s kununu reviews.

Burger King: Have it your way

Since 1953, the American franchise company Burger King has been revolutionizing its whoppers and fries. It’s likely that, the company has now lost count of how many employees have passed through its sacred fast-food halls since they first started. However, some employees can remember their time at Burger King very well and have told us about it in their kununu review. One employee talks about the good experience he had when working at Burger King. In general, the relationship between store managers and employees seems to be strong and former employees of Burger King have this to say about their ex-employer: “The managers at Burger King were really nice and helped me out a lot when it came to things I didn’t know. They worked in showing me how to do things right.” But, surprisingly, if you compare the bosses with the colleagues, Burger King employees would probably always choose their bosses first. The co workers create an unpleasant working atmosphere and cliques are established that lead to the feeling of being back in high school. Even this statement refers to the great superiors: “My manager tried but was not successful at preventing workplace tension.” Another unsurprising criticism we discovered on kununu is that: “Burger King is only suitable for teenagers looking for a little extra cash. Does NOT pay a living wage or offer benefits.” Nevertheless, overall employees claim that it is a good job to get on your feet and the gender equality is great as they treat men and women equally. If you contrast praise and criticism, as an employer Burger King is kind of balancing between good and bad as they have achieved a total kununu score of 3.46 stars (out of five) and 66 percent of the employees would recommend their employer to their family and friends. Watch out, Burger King! Your employees like the taste of your performance as an employer sometimes more, sometimes less. Maybe you should improve your recipe a little bit. Whether McDonald’s can give you suggestions or not, we’ll find out now, but first take a glance at how Burger King is rated amongst its employees:


McDonald’s: Are you lovin’ it?

In 1940, about 13 years before Burger King, McDonald’s opened its very first branch in California. Today, McDonald’s is the largest fast food chain in the world. But does that also mean that McDonald’s is a good employer? The employees praise their very flexible work schedule, tuition reimbursement and are happy that their company offers the same opportunities for men and women. Thanks to the free meals offered, fries and burgers taste better at lunch with colleagues and anticipation is already growing for the family outing to the action park once a year. Apart from that, an employee in Ocala describes the working atmosphere as very comfortable. A colleague agrees with this statement in his kununu review and says: “Hard but good work if you like to keep busy.” Unfortunately, some of the McDonald’s employees rate their working environment quite the opposite. They talk, among other things, about high levels of stress. You’ll notice that even at McDonald’s, it’s not all about  the Happy Meal. For example, more employees in certain areas would be desirable as expectations at peak customer time get a little bit too much. Furthermore, the fast food company should also focus more on hiring thoughtful managers, because: “The environment is very hostile and the managers are very disrespectful to the employees. The managers also are not held accountable for the problems they cause.” All in all, however, an employee says that the smile on the customer’s faces is worth all of the hard work: “I really enjoyed working there meeting new as well as old customers, serving the food and drinks.”


Who deserves the fast food crown?

The Big Mac beats the Double Whopper when it comes to who is a better employer. McDonald’s has a kununu score of 3.52 stars and a recommendation rate of 66 percent by some pan wits. As a result, Burger King loses its own cardboard crown and has to cede it to the competition. Congratulations, McDonald’s! You are the fast food king among employers. But you, too, should not rest on your laurels but continue to work on improving employee satisfaction. Even though the kununu score of McDonald’s is really constant over many years, Burger King’s score is getting better each year. Since their all time low in 2016, they are constantly improving and are now at the heels of McDonald’s. So, watch out!


All we have to say at the end is: Let’s get down to the burgers, fast food chains! Not all of your employees want burgers for life. So you have to constantly work on your managerial behaviour, teamwork and working environment. Because it’s guaranteed to make your customers feel better if they know that happy workers are preparing their Happy Meal 😉


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