The Mayo Clinic has a very healthy kununu score. What’s up, docs?

alex for kununu

The Mayo Clinic does a lot of good in the world. Great news: they also do right by their employees.

Turns out the Mayo Clinic is one of the top-ten best-reviewed employers in our database: they average a 4.13 star rating out of five. They rated strongest on “Company Image,” with 4.54 stars, which makes sense; they’re known for helping people. Their second-best category is “Handicap Accessibility,” with 4.37; seems like they actually put their values into practice.

What does the Mayo Clinic actually do? Essentially, they train doctors, operate hospitals, and conduct research. They’re not messing around: they are currently running over 11,000 “human research studies,” per their website.

Fortune agrees with our reviewers; they named the Mayo Clinic one of their 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2016. From their writeup:

This leading healthcare organization cares for its caregivers: A Burnout Strategy Taskforce prevents and tackles exhaustion in departments where burnout is frequent, and 475 employee ‘wellness champions’ are scattered throughout larger locations.

If only anti-burnout task forces were more common!

For our reviewers, the Mayo Clinic is an attractive employer for a range of reasons. Two examples:

We applaud the Mayo Clinic for both treating the sick, and treating their employees the right way. It’s a healthy combination, and it helps doctors help their patients even more.