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Love in the Workplace: Uncovering Real Stories of “Love” At Work

Linda Le Phan

All you need is love. Love, love is all you need!

Absolutely, we totally agree with that. However let’s be honest, most people automatically only think about home and personal life when it comes to love. Given that the average American spends about 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime (that’s one-third or 30 percent of human life!), you have to wonder – what about love in the workplace?

In the spirit of uncovering real “love” in the workplace, we did a fun little exercise with our own “love” data from hundreds of thousands of employee reviews on kununu. We also tapped into some cool insights from Winq, a social polling app for millennials.   

Oh, at the end we also threw in some of our favorite heart-warming real stories of people finding love at work (quick preview: OKCupid, speed dating, and post-divorce romance).


Finding “love” at work

A huge benefit of kununu reviews is that we we allow employees to tell all (anonymously) about what they like and dislike about the company they work at. The responses we typically receive can go from very straightforward to very impassioned and, as you might have guessed, the latter is where the “love” comes in.


Here are a couple charming “love” statistics we discovered on kununu:

love in the workplace statistics

Out of thousands of reviews on kununu, we found 6,751 reviews containing the word “love” – not an insignificant number! And check out the distribution of “love” reviews across industries, with health industries, education, service and food industries leading the pack.

There’s one caveat that we have to talk about though. When it comes to these reviews of “love” in the workplace (and this applies to life in general too, really) there’s love-love and then there’s hate-love.

For example:

You get the drift. The point is, though, that the word “love” is more common than you would think when people describe their workplace. And since we as human beings don’t typically throw the four-letter-word around willy-nilly, that’s something to think about.

millennial app

Millennials’ perspective on love between co-workers

To get a perspective on love in the workplace particularly between co-workers, we asked our friends over at Winq, a social polling app for millennials, to share their insights. After polling 5,000 participants, this is what they found:

8% of their users have fallen in love with a coworker
32% of their users have witnessed a real love connection in their office

And to add to that, a few comments from participants:

“It’s really obvious when 2 people are having an affair at work! Everyone in my office knows about this one couple even though they try and be discrete”

“[The workplace is] the perfect way to get to know someone since you spend most of your day with them”

“my friends kate and luke actually got fired from work at a department store when they were 17 cause they got caught together and have been together since. now they’re getting married 11 years later lmao”


If what millennials are saying here is any indication of what love between co-workers in the workplace is going to look like going forward, then seeing (and finding!) love at work is likely only going to become even more commonplace. Is this a good thing? Well, that’s a whole other conversation.


Real workplace love stories

What better way to round out this discovery about love in the workplace than with some adorable, real-life love stories that happened at work. Here are a few of our favorite:


Chance encounter with OKCupid co-worker

“One night I received a message on OKCupid from a nice looking gentleman saying “Hey”. I answered back the next morning “Hey”. I went about my day at work, grabbing coffee, sending emails, arranging samples, etc. (I work for a fashion company)

I grab some mail from the mail room and on my way back, the hot new designer opens the door for me. “Thanks!” I say in my most flirtatious way. walking through the door while simultaneously sucking in my tummy and sticking out my booty. I get back to my desk with a message from the guy on OKCupid saying “I think we work together”.

“Nope” I answer ever so confidently, I know everyone who works here.

“I think I just held the door for you” he writes back. My jaw dropped to the floor! The hot designer and the guy on OKCupid one in the same!

It took us a while to actually begin dating. We were friends for a year after that encounter before we became girlfriend/boyfriend. Three years later, we’re so in love and opened our own business together.” – Mary V. of


Failed Speed Dater

“In 2001, I became the cofounder of a tech startup called Pre-Dating Speed Dating, a dating event company which became the largest in the country. You would think I would have met a women, but I did not.

At the same time I had a full-time job at an e-commerce company in Miami, Florida. In 2005, a new girl joined the company. She was very nice, but I did not believe in dating women at work. Plus I was old looking and bald and she was super cute and looked very young.

We used to go to lunch together and I liked her alot, but I did not know if she liked me. One day she came to my cubicle to tell me she was leaving to start a new job in a week. I was devastated because I loved being around her. It was her last friday at the job and she was taking a week off before the new job.

I asked her what she was doing next week. She had no plans. That’s when I asked her if she would go with me the next morning, Saturday, to Paris for the week. She blushed and was stunned. She hesitated and thought about it for a while, and finally said yes!

That was 12 years ago. Since then we have virtually never been apart, got married, have 2 boys who are 6 and 9. And I still own part of the speed dating company!” – Dan Gudema, Founder of StartupPOP LLC

Love After Divorce

“A few years ago, I was going through a divorce and was convinced I would be alone forever. I usually worked 16-hour days in my factory, as the owner of a small-but-growing manufacturing business that primarily sells online. Never any time for socializing!

I had recently moved my factory into a larger space that I shared with another small business. For the first few months in the new space, employees of the other business received all of our packages because they were closer to the front door. One day, the UPS driver asked who owned this business that he was always dropping packages off for (my business).

That day, I was in the nearing the end of a multi-day work spree where I was only getting a couple hours of sleep per night – we were preparing for a segment on the Martha Stewart Show, which was a huge deal for my small business. I was essentially delirious at that point. But when I rounded the corner to see who was calling me, I saw the cutest UPS guy ever and I woke right up!

We had a great little chat, and afterward, I found myself ordering *everything* online to guarantee a daily visit. Soon the UPS guy, Justin, was taking his lunch breaks with me in my factory – sparking many what can brown do for you? and package delivery! jokes from my cackling employees.

Fast forward a couple years, and Justin quit his job at UPS and is now my business partner and life partner.” – Annie Mohaupt, Founder and CEO of Mohop


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