Let the games begin – 10 of the best pranks to play in the office

Susanna Kahr

It’s April Fools’ Day, which means it is a prank war in the office. So, without further ado, here are the best pranks that you can play in your office to be crowned the King or Queen of Pranks!

1. The Classic

Admit it, you’d already thought of this one – slipping salt instead of sugar into your colleague’s cup of coffee! It’s called the classic for a reason. We bet you can’t wait to see your colleague’s face when they sip their morning coffee only to find out that it’s salty. Ew! We’ve even got a pro tip for you, sugar shines when added to coffee, but salt doesn’t. So take a closer look at your coffee this April Fools’ Day as your colleague might just be planning a sneak attack on you too.

2. Plant a garden on the keyboard

Everyone loves cress, right? With this prank, your colleague will be able to pick their own cress thanks to you. Although, they might not be so happy about the fact that you planted the seeds in their keyboard and not in a plantpot! All you need for this jungle keyboard prank is some cotton wool and some cress seeds, simply put some moist cotton wool underneath the keys, put some seeds in and let the magic unfold over the next few days. At least your colleague will be able to make their own snacks from now on.

3. The crazy mouse

One trick that is sure to drive your colleagues up the wall is this simple mouse trick. And, like the sugar-salt trick, this one is really easy! You just need two minutes to quickly get onto your colleagues computer. When they’re in a meeting or taking a break, quickly click on system preferences, then click on “mouse” and under “primary mouse button” swap left and right over! This is a great prank because it’ll be really hard for your colleague to rectify the situation as they’ll keep clicking in the wrong place, causing much confusion and laughter from you, of course.

4. Chocolate spread on the toilet

Our fourth prank is pure madness! This prank is sure to cause some screams and even some frantic running from the bathroom in horror. Is that what you want? Then, here’s how to make it happen. Get yourself a tub of chocolate spread and stick your finger into it until it’s covered. Then, go to the office toilet and smear the chocolate spread onto the toilet, either onto the handle or the lid. Just make sure not to go overboard as this will give the whole thing away. You only need a little bit to make your colleagues scream in disgust, we promise!

5. I want coffee – Now!

Almost every smartphone is now fitted with voice control. Most of your colleagues probably only use it to ask Google to show them the best restaurants in the area or something similar. Boring! Well to get your own back on your colleagues, why not stick a ‘now operated by voice control’ sticker onto your office’s coffee machine and watch the madness unfold. It works even better if it’s a new coffee machine and you’ll be able to watch or hear your colleagues shout exasperatedly “I JUST WANT A BLACK COFFEE.” If you don’t have a new coffee machine, you could always bring in one of your own appliances, or dig one out of the cupboards for the day.

6. Did someone order a stripper?

Everyone dreads the notes that say “please call me back.” Of course, your most keen colleagues will always call you back immediately if you leave them a note like this. It just so happens that the number you’ve written down for them belongs to a stripper agency. Just imagine the conversation: “Hello, my name is Mr. Meier, I was asked to call you back?”, “Hello Mr. Meier, what can I do for you today?”, “I don’t know what my colleague has told you about me.” To which they say, “Oh, then you must be calling to book one of our strippers, right?” Meanwhile, you, and any other colleagues who are in on it, will be laughing your heads off.

7. Life is no cotton candy

If April happens to be warm in your office this year, then it’s time to take full advantage of the fans in your office. Collect some of those small packets of sugar that you can find in almost every supermarket or in your office kitchen. Make some small holes in the packets and fix them onto the rotating part of the fan with some tape. Just make sure that the fan is turned off while you do this, or you’ll be victims of your own prank! If your colleague then turns on the fan a little later on, sugar will whizz around their ears repeatedly. And by the time they realize where it’s coming from, you’ll have almost peed yourself. You won’t get any cotton candy by doing this, unfortunately.

8. Infinite updates

At fakeupdate.net you can create a system update on your victim’s computer. Until recently, it was only possible to do this with Windows, but now, Mac users can be tricked too. After two hours, you should really save your colleague, as you don’t want to waste their whole day when they should be working. Speaking of work, you can make this prank work to your advantage too. So, if you get tired of working, you can knock your own PC out of action. And the best thing is that your colleague’s who’ve had to make extremely annoying updates, won’t question it. In the meantime, you can take some time to make a coffee and watch your colleagues scream at the coffee machine.

9. The lost car key

This one is soooo easy! While your colleague was looking the other way, you got hold of their car keys? You have nothing to do right now so you’re about to go out for a bit? Well then, it’s time to make a scavenger hunt for the lost keys. Put the first clue on their desk, give them a few things to do, for example, to ask their boss if they can not work for five hours next week. It goes without saying, but you have to try really hard not to identify yourself as the prankster and make sure to hide the key far away from your desk in a place that you remember, and where other colleagues aren’t likely to see it and hand it back.

10. Switched screen world

Even the best IT professionals fall for this prank, although it’s not difficult to pull off at all. You need a bit more time than the crazy mouse prank. First you have to create a folder on the desktop of either your favorite – or most hated – colleague. The folder doesn’t actually have to contain anything, but you can give it a creative name. Something along the lines of “my boss sucks,” perhaps? There are really no limits to your creativity. Once you’ve done that, take a screenshot of the screen and make this screenshot the new wallpaper for the desktop. Now delete the real folder and get the popcorn out. Your colleague will be utterly confused and spend ages trying to delete the folder, until they finally realize that the folder is part of a screenshot. At this point, you’d better hope they don’t also find out it was you who did it!



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