kununu’s 2017 resolutions

Linda Le Phan

For more reasons than one, 2016 was a crazy year. And unless you were living under a rock, it was a year of change, a year of surprises, and definitely a year filled with lessons learned, some harder to swallow than others. We here at kununu are ready to take everything we learned in 2016 (the good and the bad!) to help us tackle 2017 with as much knowledge, enthusiasm and boldness as humanly possible.

To that end, we pulled together a list of kununu’s 2017 resolutions to 1) hold ourselves accountable, 2) to give you a sense of who we are through our goals, and 3) so that our resolutions can hopefully inspire yours!

In 2017, kununu is going to…

Raise the standard on workplace transparency

Transparency in the workplace is what it’s all about (it’s our mission, after all!) and for 2017, our hope is that our collective effort alongside the brands that we work with will raise the bar for everyone, creating a new standard for workplace transparency in the job market. Things like how employers treat their employees, the truth about the hiring process, and elements that contribute to a company culture are things that we plan to build more conversation around in order to accomplish this.

Hold a ping pong tournament once a quarter

Ping pong is huge around here and the whole team enjoys taking breaks from the workday grind to play a game or two in our “Vienna” conference room. To promote fun competition (we have some top-notch players!), we’ll be holding more regular tournaments throughout the year. We even have a gold paddle for the #1 spot!

kununu golden paddle

kununu’s golden paddle, in all its glory

Continue to partner with powerful businesses

We’ve already established strong partnerships with leading companies like Monster, InHerSight and Workplace Dynamics, and in 2017 we’re aiming to collaborate with even more powerful brands and businesses to spread our message of workplace transparency.

Find ways to be scrappy vs. overspending

We have the unique position of being a young company with access to great resources, which means that it’s been easy for us to leverage those resources in lieu of bootstrapping. This year however, we’ll be putting a big effort towards being more creative, thinking outside of the box, and just being more scrappy on our path to growth.

Increase our presence in the community, online and offline

We’re extremely proud of our product and our people, and so this year we’re making it a top priority to bring kununu to the masses through events and conferences, and by engaging with users on all major online platforms. We want kununu to become a household name!

Turn up the volume on growth and outperform our last year’s numbers by at least 100%

Last year was all about setting a foundation for ourselves here at kununu, so for 2017, the goal is to really crank into high gear and increase performance across all of our measurement channels, from traffic, user, and customer growth.

Spread the word on the importance of Employer Branding

Some of today’s leading companies know how crucial employer branding is in order to build and sustain a successful company, but surprisingly, many companies still don’t even know what it is. Our goal in 2017 is to help educate businesses on the importance of maximizing your business’ brand image for prospective employees. Because today, employer branding is one of the biggest factors in attracting and retaining top talent.


What do you think, can we accomplish these goals? What are your 2017 resolutions?


Linda Le Phan is the Content Marketing Manager at kununu US, a company review platform built on transparency. When she isn’t focused on creating great content around the modern workplace, company culture, and workplace happiness, she is probably going to get an iced coffee (even in Boston winter), raiding the snack drawer, or jamming to kununu’s Spotify playlist.