The kununu Job Seeker Round Up: Week of November 13th

Sofia Kathryn Coon

Hey Job Seekers! Thanksgiving is almost upon us and I hope you’re ready to spend time with family and friends and eat lots of food. Below are some really great pieces from the last two weeks that could be helpful to your job hunt.

Stay positive and stay warm!


The do’s and don’ts of job hunting
Evewoman, Tania Ngima, November 11, 2017

A major ‘Do’, start networking. Some may say LinkedIn is the new way to network, however, in-person conversations and traditional networking as such is the best way to present yourself. Besides using LinkedIn, other social media platforms like FB is a useful tool for job hunting in this day in age.

Men at Work Wonder if They Overstepped With Women, Too
New York Times, Nellie Bowles, November 11, 2017

Mr. Segal is now expanding part of the program called Safe Mentoring, which teaches men how to mentor younger women without harassing them. Mr. Pence has said he doesn’t eat alone with women who aren’t his wife or attend an event without her if alcohol will be served. Other men said they hadn’t talked about workplace harassment with anyone because they already knew what they needed to know.

Job Searching? Skip The Job Boards And Take These Five Steps Instead
Fast Company, Andrew Fennell, November 9, 2017

A single job listing can easily receive hundreds of applications within the first few hours after publishing on LinkedIn. Before you plunge on to the job boards, identity what kind of job you are looking for. In order to have an effective search, find out exactly what you’re looking for. Use LinkedIn to find recruiters and seek out those hiring managers.

Link up to jump-start your job search
Science Magazine, David Jensen, November 8, 2017

LinkedIn began by describing itself as a place for “online networking,” where people could post professional profiles and connect with co-workers, collaborators, and prospective employers. If you work on building a broad network on LinkedIn, it will become one of the major tools in your job-seeking arsenal.

Jeff Bezos’ guide to life
TechCrunch, Josh Constantine, November 5, 2017

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ tips about inspiration, work-life balance, and how to be an inventor. Jeff spent a summer repairing an old piece of Caterpillar construction equipment Pop had bought for $5000 a huge discount because it was entirely broken. On practicing resilience: Jeff’s Pop once tore the top of his thumb off. On how to establish work-life balance: “I like the phrase ‘work-life harmony’”, Jeff says.

Want Timing to Work to Your Advantage During Your Job Hunt?
Business2Community, Virginia Franco, November 5, 2017

Fall is the 2nd best time to capitalize on a strong market and a company in hiring mode. job seekers hunting in the fall can capitalize on a great time where hiring actions are influenced by these prevalent mindsets. Many companies want to have job offers extended before the “Thanksgiving to New Year” mindset sets in.

5 tips for millennials to achieve work-life balance
Born2Invest, Veselina Gerova, November 3, 2017

Knowing the most important things that have to be done every day of the week can simply transform your life. Taking time for ourselves is possibly one of the most important things we as human beings must do in today’s world. You have to learn to cut these sorts of things out of your life, never look back and boldly move on.

Why Use Professionals When Job-Hunting
Business2Community, November 2, 2017

For some job seekers, the cost of career coaching can be a significant barrier. Career counselors, career coach, career consultant these are helpful mentors to use when job hunting. Yes, their is a cost to get the get the job done and in a fastly manner. However, it is only worth your time and money if these mentors have great recommendations. Find testimonials and make sure to find the coach perfect for you and your career goals.

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