The kununu Job Seeker News Roundup: Week of September 25th

Sofia Kathryn Coon

October will be here before we know it and for many the job hunt continues to be a priority. Have no fear, the latest job seeker news roundup is here, and who knows, it may just have the guidance that you need. xxxx

kununu’s resident newsie – Sofia

How To Use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube To Change Your Career
Fast Company, Kristi Dosh, September 23, 2017

You might have a business page, but chances are you’re not participating regularly in Facebook groups where your ideal client or customer hangs out. In my first year in business as a publicist, I gained around 95% of my clients by engaging in Facebook groups. You can easily find groups in your area of interest by searching keywords in the search bar on Facebook.

3 tips for landing a job when you have no experience
CNBC, Courtney Connley, September 22, 2017

Entering the job market with little to no experience can be frustrating for any worker — even entry-level job descriptions often require a solid set of skills. While a sparse resume can make for a discouraging job search, there are ways to use what you already know to land that first job you need to boost your experience.

6 Jobs Search Tips Graduates Don’t Usually Hear
Silicon Republic, Robby Vanuxem, September 21, 2017

For graduates, finding their first role can feel like a searching for a needle in a haystack. Periods of unemployment can take their toll on anybody’s wellbeing, especially a recent graduate going through the transition of student to jobseeker, working hard to find their first graduate job. Get up early and fill your days with productive activities such as job-searching, up-skilling and networking.

Do This Ritual At The End of Each Week To Become More Productive
Fast Company, Stephanie Vozza, September 21, 2017

Maxfield, vice president of research for the leadership-training firm VitalSmarts, studied 1,594 managers and employees and found that high performers have adopted smart habits, one of which is an important ritual for getting more done: a weekly review. Sun. nights are an ideal time because it’s likely when you can carve out quiet time, says Maxfield. A weekly review will help you to lead your life with purpose.

The AI Chatbot Will Hire You Now
WIRED, Simon Chandler, September 13, 2017

The AI chatbot will take recruiting to the next level. It is more cost efficient and filters out applicants in a timely fashion. This chatbot wins against human-to-human biases and makes hiring more of a fair process. However, the AI chatbot only wins in this situation when the data being entered is organized and objective.

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