The kununu Job Seeker News Roundup: Week of July 31st

Sofia Kathryn Coon

We’re about to close July and the end of the year will be here before you know it. What would you like to accomplish in the next 152 days? If the job hunt is still a priority here are some great articles for you to consider. Some interesting pieces from CBS MoneyWatch, Business Insider and more.

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The 9 most in-demand jobs that pay more than $100,000
CBSMoneyWatch, Aimee Picchi, July 21, 2017

If one is curious about which jobs pay over $100,000, they can take a look at this listing. Jobs related to tech such as product managers, IT manager, technology manager, and finance managers. All these job are in demand and pay a nice yearly sum. If graduates are looking for a jobs that will increase their finances, these are the jobs they should be searching for.

5 ideas that will make your next job search fun and successful
MSN Money, Geof Wheelwright, July 21, 2017

Job searching is probably one of the most tedious tasks to do, yet most worthwhile when done right. The next time you job search you can make it more productive and positive with the right kind of attitude. The first thing all new job searchers should do is gather quality information-think about what line of work you want to do and also make good use out of your past volunteer work. Don’t neglect your morals and values as well.

Too many people skip a key conversation with their boss which is stopping them getting ahead
World Economic Forum, Shana Lebowitz, July 20, 2017

Your boss can also be your mentor. It is essential to build a transparent and honest relationship with your boss as future conversations about salary or time off will be better off. The more conversations you have, the more comfortable you will feel when it comes time to talk about bigger and important issues. If your boss has an open door policy, it should be your responsibility to take advantage of it.

5 major mistakes that can derail your salary negotiations
Business Insider, Aine Cain & Rachel Gillett, July 19, 20

How do you maintain a healthy, transparent relationship in the workplace, especially when it comes to conversations about your salary? The key is to tread lightly and to keep the emotions in. This is a given, but always do your research as what is the company’s policy for raises, and if you do deserve it based on your own personal growth that you have achieved. Always be prepared for a decline and have a plan b. Honesty is another key as it helps with transparency in the workplace.

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