The job hunt doesn’t have to be a stress-fest.

alex for kununu

Today we continue our series on Breaking the Work Wall. We want to knock down the barriers that keep people from jobs they love. (Our first entry is here). Today we’ll discuss the second barrier: stress.

A sobering statistic: 62% of people find job searching stressful, a noticeably higher number compared to another big life stressor, dealing with illness.

While that appears shocking at first, it makes an unfortunate amount of sense. After all, most illnesses are temporary; you can basically trust that you will eventually feel better.

On the flip side, for most of us, work is a nearly permanent part of life. Which is made all the more daunting by how few people love their jobs. And finding work can be pleasurable, but it’s natural to be anxious when the stakes are so high: are you going to be able to pay the bills, or aren’t you?

Most of all, when we get sick, we can ask for help. We can turn to our family, ask our bosses for a break, or visit the doctor. With the job search, on the other hand, it’s easy to feel alone.

And that is exactly why we started kununu. Our whole reason for existence is to provide as much help and information as possible to people in the workplace. Our employer review platform is the perfect place to start on the job hunt: you can find out exactly how workers feel about a huge variety of employers–from leadership support to work-life balance. Plus you can add your own voice to help others understand your workplace.

And there are more great resources out there. For starters, here’s a Newsweek article by Lily Zhang on ways to “stop feeling helpless” in the job search.

Don’t get sick with worry over looking for work. Check out our real reviews of real jobs, and submit a review of your past employers today. Job searching isn’t easy, but together we can make it much easier.