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kununu Makes Transparency Happen
kununu partners with Flour Bakery + Cafe in Fort Point Boston for $5 gift card program
kununu, One Brick and SBP join forces for “Reviews for Relief”, a charity project for disaster recovery (UPDATE)
kununu's 2017 resolutions
kununu's first year as NewCo Boston office tour host company (a MassTLC event)
Leadership Lessons We Can All Learn From Tom Brady (After His Record 5th Super Bowl Win)
Let the games begin – 10 of the best pranks to play in the office
Location, Location, Location: Where Are the Happiest Workers?
Love in the Workplace: Uncovering Real Stories of “Love” At Work
Manager check: 3 tips for finding out if your boss is a good boss or not
Marc Mielmann, COO
McDonald's vs. Burger King: Which tastes better for employees?
Mental Health: How to deal with moral distress in palliative care
Mentorship Programs - The best way to a bright career
Millennials, This Is What You Should Look for in a New Job
Monday Motivation: Distraction in the office. Will it ever end? (No.)
Monday Motivation: Making competition...less competitive.
Monday Motivation: The 5 Spaces You Need to Make Your Open Office Work
Monday Motivation: The inside scoop on office gossip.
More employees would pick natural light over childcare when it comes to work perks
Moritz Kothe, CEO
New Study Reveals How Men Perceive Support for Women at Work
Not feeling 100% engaged at work? It's probably because you haven’t found your perfect employer yet
Not only about milk and honey: Employees reveal the dark side of working in healthcare
Office Spaces: How to amp up your output
Oregon offers "mental health days" for students, employees need these too
Ouch! Real real-talk on work conditions.
Our 12 most popular career advice & job search blog posts of the year
Our intern asks CEO Moritz Kothe about transparency.
Our Story
Out with the old: The new and funny way to find employees
Pepsi vs. CocaCola: Which employer sparkles the most?
Press Kit
Questions to ask in a job interview in the healthcare industry
Quitting without it ever okay?
Ready for full transparency? We are.
Red Flags for Job Seekers: What An Employer’s Application Process Says About Them
Review what matters. It's time.
Room with a View: How Nature and Light Influence Employee Satisfaction and Performance at Work
School Is Cool: 6 Important Career Skills You Learn From Pre-school to College
Seriously? 20+ Really Awkward Job Interview Questions
Seven Steps for finding an inclusive employer as an LGBTQIA jobseeker
Sharing the Load: How to manage gender equality at home
Should I quit my job? How to know when it's time to go
Should You Break Up With Your Job? (6 Signs It's Time to Quit)
Simple Self-Care Tips to Practice On Your Commute
Social Media at Work: Stay or Slay?
Starbucks vs. Dunkin' Donuts: Which one do employees prefer?
Stop overworking. It’s called work/life *balance* for a reason.
Summer, sun, heat: 5 ways to survive the summer when you're at work
Sustainability in the workplace - a perspective from Green Solar
Taking the Pulse of Corporate Wellness
Talking about personal problems with your manager? A matter of company culture
That nightmare you had may be the key to figuring out what is stressing you at work
The 10 most well paid jobs in healthcare
The 3 Happiest and 3 Least Happy Professional Industries
The 3 Most Annoying Types of Coworkers (and What to Do About Them)
The 5 best states in the U.S. to work in healthcare
The best and worst things to put in your cover letter, according to 9 HR experts
The Commute: How do you cope with the daily grind?
The culture test: 15 great questions to ask about company culture
The Dawn of Online Reviews: 3 Reasons Everyone Loves Them
The difference between having a job vs. having a career
The do's and dont's for writing your first post-grad resume
The emotional stages of the job search (INFOGRAPHIC)
The FIRE Movement - what’s all the fuss about?
The Five Rules of Employee Happiness
The healthiest office snacks for you to pick over a bag of chips
The job hunt doesn’t have to be a stress-fest.
The Job Seeking Behaviors You Should Avoid
The kununu Insights Report: The state of employee satisfaction so far in 2017
The kununu Job Seeker News Roundup: Week of August 14th
The kununu Job Seeker News Roundup: Week of August 28th
The kununu Job Seeker News Roundup: Week of July 17th
The kununu Job Seeker News Roundup: Week of July 31st
The kununu Job Seeker News Roundup: Week of July 3rd
The kununu Job Seeker News Roundup: Week of June 19th
The kununu Job Seeker News Roundup: Week of September 11th
The kununu Job Seeker News Roundup: Week of September 25th
The kununu Job Seeker Round Up: October 2017
The kununu Job Seeker Round Up: Week of December 11
The kununu Job Seeker Round Up: Week of January 8
The kununu Job Seeker Round Up: Week of November 13th
The Long Commute: How Long Is Too Long and Why
The Mayo Clinic has a very healthy kununu score. What’s up, docs?
The more you know… (the easier your job search).
The not-so-sterile truth: What it’s really like working in a hospital
The power of positivity in your life and career
The power of taking a break at work
The Quit Questionnaire: These 5 Questions Hold the Answer to Whether You Need a New Job
The Role of Robots in the Outsourcing Crisis
The Science of Food and Work Productivity
The top 10 most environmentally friendly companies in the U.S
The top 10 most supportive companies in the US
The ultimate guide for your nursing career
The Ultimate Guide to Having a Dog When You Work Full-Time
The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Best Practices For Job Seekers
The Ultimate List of Office Holiday Party Do's and Don'ts
The Work Humans Are Wired to Do
There's never been a better time to get a job in healthcare in the U.S.
These 6 unhealthy habits are the biggest productivity killers
These four phrases make you look less confident
This is how to answer "why should we hire you?" (according to experts)
This is what your pre-bed routine reveals about your work personality
Three Steps to Prevent the Dreaded ‘First Day Surprise’
Today’s Most Sought-After Workers Are Blue Collar
Too hot, too cold? What to wear to work in when the weather is insane
Top 10 Broadcast Media / Media Production Companies in the U.S.
Top 10 Companies for Gender Equality in the US
Top 10 companies in the U.S with awesome teamwork culture
Top 10 healthcare companies with awesome career development
Top 10 Healthcare Employers to work for in the US
Top 10 Hospital & Healthcare Companies in the U.S.
Top 10 Market Research Companies in the U.S.
Top 10 Non-Profit Companies in the U.S
Top 10 qualities for a good manager in healthcare
Top 10 Tax Consulting / Auditing Companies in the U.S.
Top 10 Textile & Design Companies in the U.S.
Top Companies 2020: 15 employers you need to get to know!
Transparency at work. We need it.
Travel Nurse - the job you wished you’d known about sooner
Trick or treat? At these spooky companies Halloween is all year long
Uber Driver: 2nd job or weekend hobby?
Unique Ways Top Companies Help Their Employees Manage Stress
Unlimited PTO: Amazing Perk or HR Mind Trick?
Walt Disney vs. Universal Studios: Which employer is more entertaining?
Want to do good in your career? Do good for the world, first
What Are You Really Saying? How To Communicate Better in 5 Simple Steps
What college grads need before taking their first job? Transparency.
What do you do when someone at work annoys you?
What does the Gender Pay Gap mean to you?
What Is Company Culture? 25 Business Leaders Share Their Own Definition
What is it like to work in Healthcare? 10 honest employer reviews
What it’s like to work at Massachusetts General Hospital according to employees
What it’s like to work at the Boston Children’s Hospital according to employees
What it’s like to work at the University of Chicago Medical Center according to employees
What Makes A Bad, OK or Great Boss?
What makes a boss good or bad?
What Makes A Company Culture Good or Bad for You?
What the moon landing meant for healthcare in the U.S.
What to do when you hate your job (but need it)
What to wear to an interview - whether it's "business casual", creative or informal
What Type of Interviewee Are You? The Common Types, Pros & Cons of Each
What would you dare to ask? kununu rolls out NEW Q&A feature across all company pages
What you can expect to earn in the top 10 healthcare jobs
What You Need to Know About Retirement Savings in Your First Job (and Every One After That)
What you need to know if you are laid off or furloughed
What you should be doing as a self-employed worker right now
What your job description really says

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