Summer, sun, heat: 5 ways to survive the summer when you’re at work


Summer is here! You know what that means. Here come the beads of sweat that run down your face on your commute to work and the extreme air in the office once you get there (which is either just as unsufferably hot as it is outside or like an ICE COLD FREEZER with the AC).

Faced with this, who wouldn’t prefer to instead sit outside in the shade with a cool drink?

Unfortunately, as adults we don’t have summer break from school anymore and the work day is calling. And if you happen to be lucky enough share your office or workplace with lots of other people – where everyone has different temperature tolerances – staying focused at work during the blazing hot summer months can feel like a real zoo sometimes.

So what options do you have to avoid the heat in the workplace or at least to make it more bearable? Rest assured there ARE ways and means to put yourself in a better summer mood:

5 tips against the big sweat at work during the summer

1. Drink as much as you can

Sip, gulp, splash … when the temperature is especially high in the summertime, you should drink about 10 8-ounce glasses of fluid day so that your body can stay hydrated and regulate its own temperature level sufficiently. The best fluids to drink, of course, are pure or mineral water and other drinks that are high in water content. The types of drinks you should try to avoid is caffeinated or sugary drinks. These only work to dry out the body and cancel out the benefits of any water they contain. If you absolutely must have your coffee or soda fix though, just make sure to drink even more water to balance it all out!

2. Wear light and airy summer clothing

This might get a bit tricky, because it’s not okay in  every company to come in wearing flip-flops, bermuda shorts or short summer dresses. But there are definitely lots of wardrobe options to help you cool down in the summer months – you just have to look for the right materials and styles. Take some advice from these wardrobe tips for extreme weather.

3. Find cooling relief

Even though it doesn’t always really help (because sometimes it feels like hot air), a fan gives you the illusion of a cool breeze and a sense of relief from all the heat. In addition to the fan, you can also get yourself a bag of ice and hold it against your skin – whether on your wrists, forehead, face…or wherever!

4. Give yourself a break

If you can afford it, treat yourself every hour for a small break of about 15 minutes. Taking a short walk somewhere so you can feel rejuvenated and step away from your sweaty seat. If you have health problems, such as heart or circulatory problems, you can and should take a personal day off.

5. Ice cream for everyone!

What’s better than an ice cream when it’s like the Sahara desert out there?  Really great companies might even donate a round of ice cream for everyone on the hottest days.

Even if the heat is unbearable and the days seem endless: head up! The next winter is sure to come. Until then keep a cool head and stick to our tips.


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