How to be more productive at work

How to be more productive at work

Christina Omlor

The first few days back at work after the holidays are always tough right? How do you find the motivation to get your work done when you’ve been sleeping in, spending time with loved ones and enjoying your time off? If the post-holiday blues are setting in and you need to find a way to get motivated and excited for 2020, here are some tips. Plus, it will help you to be way more productive in 2020. 

Let us tell you, how to be more productive at work in 2020!

1. Start the day right! 

The best way to boost your productivity for the day is by starting the day in the right way. The evening before your first day back to work, pack your bag and make sure you have everything ready. That way, when you wake up you won’t feel so rushed. Then, set the alarm a little bit earlier than normal so you can wake up slower and prepare yourself mentally for the day ahead. If you can, make a nice breakfast and enjoy it with your family or partner. 


2. Focus on the most important/most difficult tasks first 

This trick will literally change your life. Honestly. If you sit down and prioritize your tasks at the beginning of the day and commit to tackling the most difficult one first, you will feel like you’ve achieved something big by midday and when you feel productive, guess what?! You are productive! 


3. Concentrate on deep work 

Some tasks will require a lot of energy and a lot of attention. Period. Maybe you have to work on a pitch presentation, learn how to use a new software or write a proposal, but whilst it might feel daunting, you need to hit it head on and you need to give yourself enough time to get it done properly. Schedule time to get stuck in and then try to block out as many distractions as possible. Log out of your social media accounts, find a quiet room and say no to any requests that come in, it’s time to focus. 


4. Make notes of distractions 

We all know that feeling, when we’re half-way through a project only to suddenly have thoughts about what you need to buy for dinner come into your head. To minimize distracting thoughts, you can keep a notepad next to you which you can write on every time a thought comes into your head. Simply write them down and then get back to work. This means that you can keep a list of things you don’t want to forget, while also giving yourself the time and space to really focus on the task at hand. 


5. Take breaks 

Yes, your working day might be 8 hours long, or more, but no one, not even the most productive people can concentrate for 8 hours straight! It’s impossible! That’s why it’s important to take breaks, even short ones, throughout the day. Breaks are great for structuring your day and helping you to work intensively for specified periods of time. They’re also great for helping you to recharge and come up with new ideas. Just make sure that your breaks are structured and deliberate so that you intentionally leave your desk or workspace. Also make sure to take your lunch break!

Top tip: It’s recommended that you take a break every 55 minutes. 


6. A Plan for when things don’t go according to plan

Have you ever had a huge deadline only for things to go wrong in the days before your work is due? Whether the internet connection goes down or you have a sudden illness to deal with, it’s important to acknowledge that things won’t always go to plan and to set up contingency plans.  To be productive at work, also means to be responsible upfront. The other thing that everyone is guilty of is massively underestimating how long certain tasks will take. Things will always, undoubtedly, take much longer than expected, especially when you factor in the countless meetings, deadlines and other things that will demand your attention in the future. A great way to be more productive is to plan for interruptions and create contingency plans so you can adapt quickly when faced with a problem.


Does your employer help you to be productive at work? How many breaks can you take throughout the day? Let us know in a review on our site and help others find the most productive and positive employer for them. We wish you very happy and productive new year!

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