How kununu’s new Salary Transparency will change the game for healthcare

Susanna Kahr

Working in healthcare means working long hours, giving tireless efforts and feeling rewarded with patients who are healthier and happier. It’s a rewarding career path that requires a lot of time and effort. It is exactly for this reason that it is of utmost importance to find the perfect place to work with the best compensation so that your healthcare career can properly flourish and does not have to be unnecessarily clouded with extra difficulties. kununu, the largest European employer rating platform and only professional provider specializing in exclusive employer and workplace insights, announces a new tool that will change the game and make finding the right employer and right compensation easier than ever. 

Hot and fresh: Salary Transparency

When it comes to salary, people tend to stay rather quiet on the subject unless they are out with friends and venting about their pay. When on the topic of hiring within healthcare, it becomes even more difficult. This doesn’t have to be the norm anymore and kununu is here to change that by opening the conversation and throwing away any taboos about salary. kununu has collected specific salary, position and company information within the healthcare field based on 130,000 employee reviews in 28,000 healthcare companies throughout the U.S. To complement these employee insights, kununu has helped its healthcare clients significantly boost their search ranking for job search queries, grow their digital employer brand visibility and increase candidate engagement.

With now more than 370,000 salaries from over 15,000 companies, kununu provides job seekers and employers the insights necessary for those hiring and looking to be hired. The kununu Salary Transparency feature is a regular part of the company profile on the employer rating platform. Users can access gross annual salaries for different positions within healthcare under the salary tab.

Salary insights at a clinic near you

kununu has increased visibility and engagement for multiple healthcare companies including Heartplace and Florida Medical Clinic. This hands-on and user-friendly approach makes the no-frills process easy to use and helps brands and their visibility. By using kununu’s flexible features to share employee stories and to fuel open and ongoing discourse with employees and candidates, healthcare companies have also been able to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive hiring market for skilled healthcare talent. 

Check out kununu’s Salary Transparency feature and get valuable salary information for your hospital

Opening up for brighter futures

Oftentimes, salaries are protected and not publicly shared which creates discrepancies among employees, making any sort of gaps impossible to spot and fix. This can be a burden on the company as well, as it hinders the application process by funneling the wrong candidates, costing the company resources. The salary tool helps candidates and employers have a clear understanding of where they are and where they want to go. Continue the salary transparency revolution by anonymously leaving your salary insights, so that you can be a part of creating a better and more open workplace for all.



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