How employers are dropping the ball. Badly.

alex for kununu

We crunched the numbers. In our last six months of reviews—over a million data points—these are employers’ biggest weak spots.

CategoryAverage rating (out of 5)
Job Security2.03
Career Development1.95

So what’s the deal?

Job security

Oof. We’re still living in the post-Great Recession economy, and the nature of employment has changed for millions of workers. The very notion of job security is dramatically different than it was just a few decades ago. Millennials change jobs “a lot more than their parents did”—four times before age 32, on average. More workers are now full-time freelancers (a sea change that has its critics).

Some workers—predominantly those with better skills and education—are thriving in these new conditions, enjoying the freedom of freelancing and working from anywhere. Many are not. The solution: updating our expectations. The days of staying with one company for 40 years are over.


When we prompt reviewers on this category, we ask: “Are you informed about company results, successes, and challenges through regular communication?”

There’s really no excuse for how badly employers are doing: keeping employees informed about the big-picture impact of their work is a super-easy way to keep them motivated. Anyone in client-service industries can identify with this: you work your tail off on a project, your manager hands it off to the client… and you never hear a word about how it was received. Bummer.

The solution is easy, but the implementation? A bit harder in practice. Whether they’re projects big or small, close the loop on people’s work and let them know where it ended up. How’s the company doing overall? Overcommunicating is better than keeping people in the dark, less invested in their work.

Career development

We’ve arrived at the bottom. There’s some overlap with job security—a developing career is a more secure career—but in this category there’s more that can be done to fix the problem. This is what companies need to do better:

  • Clearer criteria for promotion
  • Better opportunities for training
  • Create actual opportunities for advancement!

Alright! We’ve looked the beast of terrible ratings in the face. The good news is, there are concrete ways for employers to improve. Watch this space for more posts delving into the data revealed by kununu reviews!