Groundhog Day 2017: Punxsutawney Phil Saw His Shadow (Again) And He is F’n Pissed!

Linda Le Phan

OK, maybe not reaaally pissed. But you’ll see what we mean.

Just like every year, Punxsutawney Phil made his appearance on Groundhog Day so that we could all have the convenient benefit of knowing whether we should keep our winter jackets handy or not, and guess what, the answer is yes (for, like, the 100th time) – LONG WINTER IT IS!

Now that you have your answer, we wondered – what’s in it for sweet ole’ Phil? Is that all he’s good for? Waking up out of his slumber one day a year and having a bunch of strangers blast patriotic music and stare at him?

Well his job isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and this time he had something to say about it.

Read what he left on his review on kununu:

“Are you kidding me? Typically I don’t have a problem coming in to work, but the last few times it’s been crazy and this year especially was freakin’ weird. First, I saw a bunch of protest signs with the words “bigly” and “uge” – what do those even mean?

And then someone said something about “climate change” and that they don’t trust me. Especially since Staten Island Chuck disagreed with me this year. You know what man? Buzz off! There’s a lot of pressure on me, okay? Just because you don’t like that my shadow shows up 80% of the time and not the other way around doesn’t mean you have to disrespect my work!

Anyways…I can’t say anything about my boss or co-workers, cuz I pretty much do everything myself. Music was kind of loud, but that didn’t bother me very much. But whatever. I’d give a 3.7 stars, but mainly because I get a lot of autonomy and flexible work hours.“

OK Phil, we hear you!

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