Google for Jobs: 5 Ways It Will Amplify Your Results

Linda Le Phan

Chances are that if you’re in the market for a new job, you’re likely scouring job boards, networking with friends of friends, and cruising LinkedIn for what new jobs are popping up nearby.

But if you’re tired of spending hours every day searching for your next position, or if those avenues have yet to lead you to your next great opportunity, there’s a new player on the job search scene that may very well change the game for you. Google for Jobs launched recently and (true to form for most of Google’s projects) it’s making a big splash in the existing market – this time in the job search landscape.

With Google for Jobs, Google has created a search engine specifically for job seekers to use to find, research and further connect with employers. Early news reports that it’s a good thing!

If you have been looking either aggressively or passively for your next position, here are five ways Google for Jobs will amplify your results.

1. Invest Less Time

Pinpointing the perfect gig can take hours out of your day. Finding the right search criteria, searching through different websites and job boards, and figuring out which jobs have potential and which ones are, well, garbage, is time consuming and frustrating. Google for Jobs does the legwork for you. For example, simply type in “marketing jobs” and the search engine compiles ads from across the web and returns them to you. There are also options to search by geography, date posted, or open jobs within specific companies. No more speeding around the internet for hours at a time chasing down new job leads every day!

2. Acquire Multi-Channel Results

In addition to saving time, Google for Jobs reduces the risk of you missing an ad for the career of your dreams. Since it searches all over the web, you will receive a more comprehensive list of opportunities than you could ever find on your own. It even picks up those positions advertised in the buried pages of a company website that you may otherwise never find and then offers up trusted employee reviews alongside them (including kununu’s own star ratings).

3: Benefit from Alert Notifications 

With Google for Jobs launch, job seekers don’t need to keep checking results several times a day. Once you find a formula that works to identify the jobs that interest you, set a notification. When the search engine runs across a new posting that fits your saved criteria, you will automatically be notified and have access to the information.

4: Take Advantage of Robust Search Criteria

Moving to a new city? Search jobs in your new town. Want to work in a specific industry, or for a specific company? Use keywords to search with that criteria. Only want to see jobs posted recently? You can search by that, too. Not interested in a full-time job? No problem. The search engine will return only part-time openings. Google for Jobs is set up to return the information you ask for and need.  This helps decrease the time spent scrolling through jobs that aren’t in the city you want, or those that are old and irrelevant.

5: Access the Most In-Depth Job Descriptions

Sometimes, jobs are posted in a variety of places on the internet. Some of the descriptions may be more fleshed out and explanatory than others. Google for Jobs recognizes duplicates, and chooses the most descriptive posting to return to you. This offers you the ability to give more thoughtful consideration to whether or not the opportunity is what you seek, and whether or not you are qualified.


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Linda Le Phan is the Content Marketing Manager at kununu US, a place where job seekers can get an authentic view of life at a company and where employers have a trusted platform to better engage talent. That means that everything on the editorial calendar goes through her (want to write for us? learn more here). When she’s not creating content about the modern workplace, company culture, and life & work hacks, she is probably going out to get an iced coffee (even in Boston winter), raiding the snack drawer, or jamming to kununu’s Spotify playlist.