10 unforgettable ways that people have quit their jobs!

Susanna Kahr

Most resignation letters start with a version of “Dear Mrs/Mr XY, I will resign at the next possible date and leave the company at the end of my notice period,” but not these ones!  These five people, decided to go all out with their resignations and are bound to be remembered for a long time! 

1. A game developer in Australia wanted to show his employer what he could do by leaving. The result was a Super Mario-inspired race to resignation game.


2. Gwen Dean went so far that she bought an ad at the Super Bowl to tell her boss that she wanted to be a freelance doll maker from now on.


3. Flight attendants have to take part in a lot of crazy conversations with passengers. Steven Slater thought that it was all too much at some point and quit JetBlue.


4. Have you ever thought about hiring your own band to sing a song about your resignation? Joey quit his Hotel job with one!


5. We all rush to shut down pop-up windows, but you should wait a bit longer for this one to deliver its message!


One of my co-workers quit today. We found this on his desktop. [PIC] from pics

6. Does your boss treat you like s***? Then you should take inspiration from this resignation letter.


7. If you work in a fast food joint then you probably fill up several glasses with ice cubes every day. However, this manager served up his resignation colder than ice, ice baby!


8. Who can resist a piece of cake? This employee made his colleagues’ day a little sweeter with his resignation.


9. Let’s face it, there’s always this one thing you hate about your job. All the better if your boss has to take care of it in the future.


10. Live appearances in restaurants are usually enjoyed by guests and employees alike. But Steve Harvey surprised the audience with the content of this song.





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