Out with the old: The new and funny way to find employees

Susanna Kahr

How many times have we all seen the same job ad for the same companies the same ways? Words start sounding the same, positions start sounding the same and you eventually forget what you even want to apply for. Times are changing and we are a generation used to more brain stimuli than ever before; the same boring block text job post won’t excite us anymore and companies know this and have decided to switch it up. Here are our favorite funny job ads:

IKEA: A new job in few steps

Delicious meatballs and comfortable couches aside, IKEA is known for their creatively smart antics. This job positing is no different with their clever time board and alluring concept.

Fun for adults

Don’t get it twisted: adults can have fun at work too! Lego knows this, which is why with every job post, Lego builds a set to show and describe the position. This definitely got us smiling and even got us to consider applying.


Room for a private life

With many employers realizing how important a good work-life balance is, KMD is ready to show how important it is to them with this clever and sleek ad. Future employees know that all of their family needs are welcome and that there is plenty of room for them. Very cool concept that we are sure has brought much success.


Lyft yourself out of the mundane lifestyle

Lyft knows that the current generations love the concept of flexible work hours and deciding their own time. With their huge billboard, they are reminding us that a flexible job killing the “9 to 5” is something worth selling.


Geniuses only, please

In a time where companies are desperate for the wiz kids, no chances can be taken. This company only want the most qualified, and what better way to find the geniuses among us all than with a clever cypher?


Violence is the way?

There’s the usual quick grab for attention, and then there’s Laazi, who catches all of us with the distant dream of showing our bosses a piece of our minds. Quite clever, but remains only a distant dream.




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