Full Transparency

Ready for full transparency? We are.

annaliza at kununu

Let’s play word association.

“Employer.” What comes to mind?

Here’s a wild guess. You didn’t think “open.” Or “transparent.” Or “trustworthy.”

You’re not alone. In a recent survey of workers in 28 countries, 33% said they do not trust the company they work for.

With stats like that, the working world can seem bleak. Companies focused on the bottom line, and workers doing their best to look out for themselves.

Does it have to be this way? What if there were a service that revealed what life inside companies is really like? At kununu, our mission is making that transparency a reality for everyone.

After all, water cooler gossip is valuable. It’s part of how you survive as a worker. But it’s confined to the “water cooler” because people feel that they have to whisper to protect themselves.

We believe that the open exchange of information isn’t just good for employees; it’s good for companies, too. And it’s invaluable for people looking for jobs — they just don’t have reliable access to it. We seek to change all that.

At kununu, we want to know exactly what employees are thinking about their workload, their bosses, their company culture — everything. And we give them a platform to share that real talk with the world. When other people can see what’s actually happening inside a company, they get to make better decisions about where they want to work. With reliable inside intel, job search priorities aren’t just daydreams: they’re concrete and achievable. Equally important, when all this information is out in the daylight, employers have a powerful incentive to step their game up.

But why would companies go along with our grand plans? We’ve got that covered, too. Everyone has seen a million mindless corporate memos. At kununu, we give employers a voice too — a real voice, to respond to real concerns, without the corporate-speak.

Our vision is a thriving community of honest, free-flowing information. Which means thriving employees. And thriving companies. We can’t wait to tell you more.

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