Our Story


Long before peer reviews were commonplace, brothers Martin and Mark Poreda had the bold idea of putting authentic company information at the hands of anyone who wants to know what it’s really like inside of a workplace. In a world biased towards employers, Martin and Mark sought to level the playing field by providing individuals with the kind of company information that can improve work-life decisions across the world. And thus in 2007, they created the first platform of employer reviews and ratings powered by the people for the people called kununu in Vienna, Austria.

kununu believes that every person — whether actively searching for a job or simply interested in improving their worklife — should be able to give and get accurate, honest information about companies and roles before walking in on day one. By gathering employee ratings and reviews alongside employers’ own positioning on an employer branded profile, users have access to a holistic real life picture. Ultimately, kununu wants everyone to have the best information available to make important work-life decisions, and they’re thrilled to help.

The Vienna headquarters celebrated its 10th anniversary in June 2017 and in just a year, kununu’s U.S headquarters now has 25 employees and almost 500,000 reviews across 60,000 companies.