Congratulations to our Employer of the Month October – Ultimate Software!

Susanna Kahr

What is most important to you when looking for a job? Is the relationship between you and your boss important? Is identifying and agreeing with the core values of the company something on your priority list? Or do you care most about having friendly co-workers? It is an undisputed fact that some fields are more on the look-out for new employees than others. In the fields where good and needed employees are harder to find, employees can be pickier about where they choose to go, which needs they want fulfilled and even play around with salary. Software Engineering is a perfect example of one of those fields. Due to the lack of employees in this field, those having open positions have to put in more effort to stick out. A company like Ultimate Software with the slogan “People first,“ is especially enthusiastic about this, earning them the nomination as Employer of the Month October. Congratulations!

Ultimate Software is the place to work this October!

“My workplace is excellent, good environment, modern facilities, good salary, and promotes good values to all.” – anonymous employer review

At Ultimate Software, people are put first – always. Founded in 1990 and based in South Florida with offices around the world, Ultimate values the ideas and contributions of all people as they develop ground-breaking software solutions that help people fulfill their potential at work. Ultimate develops and delivers UltiPro®, a global, AI-powered, cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution that helps improve the employee experience at all levels of an organization. With this product, Ultimate supports thousands of customers in diverse industries, managing millions of employees worldwide.

So, just through what they do, they should know best how to treat their own employees. And guess what – they actually do! Ultimate is proud to support the development of every employee, no matter what age, gender or religion one belongs to. In fact, about 50% of their frontline management positions are held by women, and they are ranked #2 on Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women for 2019. This also reflects their extraordinary good score of 4.57 points (out of 5) for Gender Equality on kununu, one of the world’s biggest employer rating platforms. Furthermore, people just love the amazing overall vibe and the appreciation they receive by their managers. One employee shares his experiences with the upper management on kununu: “In general, all departments are congratulated by management at the end of each month or when the objectives are reached.” And this holds true for those who work in the headquarter as well as for those who work from home. “I work from home, and my manager trusts me to get my work done without looking over my shoulder every day.”, explains an employee in Weston, Florida, where Ultimate is based.

Even when it comes to a point where most successful companies have difficulties, internal communication, Ultimate still manages to handle it perfectly. Rated with an excellent score of 4.37 points for communication on kununu, employees can be sure to know what it is going on in their company. That’s why one employee tells kununu that “We receive adequate communications on what’s happening with the company as a whole.”. Maybe we will find a negative aspect when it comes to salary? Actually, no, as one employee writes: “I could probably make a higher salary somewhere else, but all in all, including intangible benefits, I feel I’m compensated fairly.”

It is safe to assume this company is all milk and honey, because there are still more great things to come! During your break, you have the opportunity to either grab a quick coffee in the onsite Starbucks at headquarters, or have lunch in the cafeteria area, or even take a break in one of the game rooms. What more do you need to fall in love with this employer? Why not ask Pragya Malhotra, Director of Product. Here’s what she thinks makes Ultimate Software special as an employer.

kununu: What are you doing to attract talent?

Pragya Malhotra: We do a really great job of telling our story, and because of this, we have won multiple awards, such as ranking #1 on Furtune’s Best Workplace in Technology list four years in a row, and #2 on People Magazine’s 50 Companies That Care list in 2019. Being on these lists has definitely helped us attract talent, and once someone learns more about Ultimate and our “People First” mentality, most people opt in and really want to be a part of it.

Ultimate partners with many different recruiting platforms and organizations to target the talent we are looking to hire, such as tech talent, HR/payroll professionals, customer service professionals, and candidates from underrepresented backgrounds. 

Aside from this, we have a really amazing Talent Acquisition team that truly focuses on the candidate experience. Every candidate is treated with the utmost care, and we are committed to making everyone, whether they got the job or not, feel like Ultimate is a great place to work. 

What does Ultimate Software do to support women in technology?

Throughout the organization, we encourage employees to join our Women in Leadership (WIL) group, one of Ultimate’s companywide “Communities of Interest” that promotes inclusivity, equality, respect, and care for all individuals. WIL offers Ultimate’s women in all roles and at all job levels an outlet to learn, connect, and succeed through a variety of networking, social, and community service events, all designed around a theme. The 2019 theme is “Rise to the Challenge”

Additionally, we actively partner with local organizations to extend our influence in the communities to help and uplift those around us. We have another Community of Interest, Women in Technology (WIT), specifically focused on women who are in or pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers. We not only focus on recruiting more women, but we also focus on setting up programs that allow women to get the right mentorship within the organization to grow in their roles, especially since women are in the minority when it comes to tech jobs.                                       

In your opinion, why should someone apply for a job at your company?

Ultimate continues to expand our support and care for employees, within the workplace and beyond company walls. As part of our comprehensive benefits package, Ultimate offers employees paid maternity, paternity and adoption leave, as well as $10.000 (per child, up to 2 children) in financial assistance toward the legal fees of adoption; unlimited PTO throughout the year; $300 annually (per child) to help parents cover the costs of their children’s extracurricular activities; and such onsite benefits as access to private “Mommy Rooms” for nursing women. In recent years, Ultimate added coverage for infertility treatments as part of the company’s healthcare plan, which already includes 100% employer-paid medical, dental, and vision premiums for all employees and their families (including same-sex married couples). These benefits, as well as the overall “People First” culture of the company, are why individuals should apply for a job here. My fellow employees and team are like family to me, and I truly love working at Ultimate Software. 


The inclusivity Pragya Malhotra is talking about is something we also recognized on kununu. An employee that is in his 60s and disabled, writes in his review: “Ultimate makes me feel like I can still work there in 20 years. I am included, treated like a human being and valued for my work experience!” 

So overall, we can just simply congratulate Ultimate Software! To an outstanding overall kununu score of 4.43 (out of 5), to a recommendation rate of 92% and to have highly exceeded the industry average for Software Engineering of 3.77 points. As your employees already said, you just seem to be “a company made in heaven”. Or should we better quote another employee that states, “It’s an ultimate dream working at Ultimate Software!”?

Other Top Employers in October

Unfortunately, Software Engineering is not your industry? No problem, we also have some Top Employers from other industries for you. Check them out!


KoneCranes is a global industry-leading group of lifting businesses. On their mission to improve the safety and productivity of their customers’ operations, their employees do every little task with passion and drive. Why? Because they simply love the company they work for! That’s due to a flexible schedule, fair pay and a bonus for the years worked. Additionally, they offer great benefits: Life insurance, paid sick leave and 401(k) retirement plan are just a few perks on their list. No wonder that an employee is just speaking highly of its employer: “I have had a great time so far in my position. The people are friendly and the management is fantastic.”


McLane Company, Inc. is one of the largest supply chain services leaders providing grocery and foodservice supply chain solutions for convenience stores, drug stores and chain restaurants throughout the United States. As you will probably travel a lot, McLane is making sure that their employees are well equipped on their journey: You receive reimbursement for hotels, lunch and dinner as well as a company vehicle and a gas card. When you come back home, you can even take some paid time off or enjoy a great holiday as employees claim on kununu: “Compensation is very good.”

ABBTECH Professional Ressources

ABBTECH is one of the most successful woman-owned staffing firms providing sourcing, recruiting, administrative and management services to clients for more than two decades. But they are not only experts on recruiting people, they also know how to treat their own employees. With an outstanding Gender Equality score of 5 points out of 5, they make sure everybody is treated the same and thereby provide the basis for great teamwork. Apart from that, employees love their bosses as they review on kununu: “Management was great.” Congratulations ABBTECH and keep on rockin’!



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