Congratulations to our Employer of the Month – Philips!

Susanna Kahr

What’s your motivation for getting up at 7 a.m every day? Perhaps it’s your kids, since you have to take them to school, your love for early morning runs or your desperate need for a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, there’s one big thing missing on this list and that’s your love for your job. Working for an employer that really cares about you, shares the same values as you do and gives you the sense that you’re needed, is one of the best reasons to stop hitting the snooze button, jump out of bed and get to work with a smile on your face. Haven’t found an employer that makes you feel this way yet? Don’t worry, with our new series “Employer of the Month” we will be showcasing outstanding employers from different industries that are worth dreaming about. Check them out because you might just find the employer you were looking for!

Philips is the place to work this August!

“A good company to work for. Competitive benefits and salary plus a comfortable setting.” – anonymous employer review

Over 125 years ago, Frederik and Gerald Philips started a small lightbulb company in Eindhoven. Little did they realize then that it would go on to become a global force of innovation, committed to improving billions of lives worldwide. Today, Philips is a world leading health technology company with a vision to make life better for people worldwide through meaningful innovation.

These innovations wouldn’t be possible without the exceptional and creative ideas of its employees, that’s why Philips also highly appreciates suggestions from its creative heads: “I felt like my contributions were always considered and thought of as meaningful.”, states one former employee in his kununu review. As a reward for all the hard work there are free bagels every Friday and the chance to leave at 1 pm on summer Fridays. What’s more, employees tell kununu that Philips provides fair wages for the work expected and completed, a great work environment with friendly coworkers and an approachable management. It already sounds like a land of milk and honey, right? Well actually, we’re not even done yet, because Philips is our employer of the month for a number of other things on our “what we love” list.

Even though working in Medical Technology can sometimes be stressful, Philips provides an adequate work life balance thanks to a flexible work schedule. Paid parental leave and a special holiday program are also offered. Combining all these factors, Philips achieves an excellent kununu score of 3,82 points (out of 5) which is well above the average industry score for Medical Technology employers which stands at 3,29 points.



Looking at the timeline for the average kununu scores of Philips, you can see that they didn’t become a great employer overnight, but have strengthened their offering to cement the company as a great place to work for a number of years. It’s probably because of all the great benefits they offe, the great wage andthe great company culture that 82% of the employees at Philips recommend their employer to their friends and state that their team is like family to them. In short, employees really enjoy their positions at Phillips and are extremely thankful for a good job that gives you the ability to help people in need and provide services to help them lead a more comfortable and independent lifestyle.

Top Employers in August

Philips sounds like a great employer, but they doesn’t have a position on offer that works for you? Don’t worry, we got three more Top Employers who are hiring right now for you – from shoemakers to cranberry farmers.

San Antonio Shoemakers 

In 1976, San Antonio Shoemaker (SAS) started a quiet revolution in footwear offering superb craftsmanship and extraordinary comfort. Today, the company has a number of shops all over the U.S. and a headquarters in Texas, yet still offers extraordinary comfort – to their clients as well as to their employees.

SAS shops close early which gives employees a chance to have an actual life, states one kununu user. Furthermore, employees love the excellent teamwork and the great sharing environment amongst colleagues. One user even  says, “everyone is friendly & we help each other like a big family.” Great work life balance, great team and a great kununu score of 4,15 points (out of 5): What’s not to love? Actually they have yet one more unique benefit for all you shoe lovers out there – as an employee of SAS you receive free shoes (as well as monetary bonuses on occasion to buy even more beautiful shoes 😉 )!

In short, we can just quote one employee in Los Angeles: “I wish I would have joined this company sooner. The benefits are great and my manager is awesome.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is a federation of 36 separate United States health insurance organizations and companies, providing health insurance in the United States to more than 106 million people. And, this service wouldn’t be possible without the great employees working for an extraordinary employer. With an average kununu score of  3.76 points, Blue Cross is one of the top employers in their industry.

For busy bees they offer an entire handicap accessible facility, a 100 percent diverse workplace and a very comfortable setting to work in. Employees also state on kununu that “they have no discrimination with race, creed, religion, faith, or any other personal use you may have” and that “the company offers great insurance benefits, flex time to help balance life and work and events to help employees get healthy.” Sounds like enough benefits to make them an employer of choice, right? Still, Blue Cross is adding more to the list all the time. As more employees tell, advancing fast is not just a saying at this company, but a reality: “I have been able to advance about every 2 years.” And, on top of all that they’re also very conscious about their environment and encourage recycling.

Check out Blue Cross Blue Shield on kununu

Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray is a vibrant agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 cranberry farmers in the United States, Canada and Chile. Formed in 1930, Ocean Spray is now the world’s leading producer of cranberry juices, juice drinks and dried cranberries and employs more than 1500 associates throughout the U.S.

What it’s like working there? It’s a “really exciting time to work at a truly American company with great values built on family and hard work,”, says one former employee in their kununu review. Other workers just love their colleagues at Ocean Spray and say that they are what makes them happy to go to work every day. But actually, work is not only valued by your team at Ocean Spray, it’s valued by the management too as they recognize when you do a good job, one kununu user says, “management takes every opportunity to let you know that you are important and that your opinions matter. But what about the salary? Good news, employees at Ocean Spray not only love their excellent benefits and work environment, they’re also very happy with their salary. Interested in applying? We’re not surprised, just check out their open positions!



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