Congratulations to our Employer of the Month September – Expedia Group!

Susanna Kahr

Job satisfaction is defined as the contentment an employee experiences with their job responsibilities and work environment. Nevertheless, job satisfaction does not ultimately lead to a feeling of joy or happiness, but often manifests itself as an overall sense of security and the earnest belief that your actions at work make a difference. It can also be related to things like fair compensation, a good work-life balance, open communication and possibilities for growth. Since we at kununu, one of the world’s biggest employer rating platforms, want everybody to find a job that makes him or her happy, we’re nominating outstanding employers every month that are not only worth applying to, but also ensure that job satisfaction in their company is especially high. We’re happy to announce that this month’s nominee is Expedia Group, an employer that puts their employees first and even makes sure that they have the opportunity to explore the world!

Expedia is the place to work this September!

“I love working for Expedia. They always try to make work fun and treat people with respect.” – anonymous employer review

Expedia Group is one of the world’s biggest travel platforms and has an impressive brand portfolio including top brands like, trivago and Expedia. Their mission to make travel more accessible and make people’s lives better, this starts with their employees. On our platform here at kununu, employees speak highly of their employer and praise the excellent benefits they offer like tuition reimbursement and paid time off: “Expedia is a wonderful company to work for with incredible benefits. I do not know of any company with better benefits! Health and wellness is important. They have a wonderful holiday party. We touch peoples lives in the thing they love to do most – travel!“ Another employee also shared positive experiences of working here: “The company gives me and the team a pleasant climate and a flexible and recreational space to work in addition to food in variety, fruit juices and breakfast at my choice.” At the lunch table, you’ll also probably find a great variety of gender, age and cultures as the company is rated as very diverse on kununu and focuses on inclusion and culture. That’s also why the company really cares for every single employee, provides them with a challenging work and is very open to new ideas. After all the hard work, the party is just starting as being dedicated to your work often leads to a promotion says one employee on kununu.

Challenging tasks, a valuing working environment and great vacation benefits already make Expedia a top employer, for whom people love to work. But still, there are some reasons to add to the list as Sheila Campbell, HR Specialist at Expedia Group, tells us:

What are the unique things that Expedia is doing to attract talent?

Sheila Campbell: Our purpose is to bring the world within reach and we can’t do that without the most knowledgeable, passionate, and creative people in our business. Our offices worldwide are designed for employees to do their best work. Check out our brand new headquarter space opening in the fall of 2020 here! Our tech teams are incredibly passionate about what they do and you can read more about this work on our Expedia Group Tech Blog. You can also check out our employee experience blogs where you can really get an idea of what life here is really like.

In your opinion, why would someone apply at your Expedia?

Sheila Campbell: Travel is an exciting domain and Expedia Group is at the center of the action. There is no better time to join Expedia Group – our teams are working on the coolest problems in travel, using cutting edge technology and large data sets all to deliver features that help bring travel to our customers worldwide. We’re also working on building out our efforts in the open source community and experimenting with the latest tools and trends.

At the end of the day our employees love how we value curiosity, tolerance, open mindedness, empathy, respect towards cultures and people – the qualities travel instills in people. We foster an inclusive, diverse and team-oriented workplace culture where everyone has the potential for growth and excellence. And that shines through in the work they do every day, to solve real world travel problems, making it easier for our customers to travel and creating opportunity for our partners. We also have more than 65 great offices around the world which creates endless career opportunities and brand new waterfront headquarters opening up this fall in Seattle!

Are there special perks that you offer that positively impacts your team morale?

Sheila Campbell: We recognize our success is dependent on our employees success and that inspires us to provide our people with the very best to make that happen. Our benefits package includes generous paid parental leave, paid time off, travel discounts (for friends/family too!) and wellness reimbursement, just to name a few. We actually encourage our employees to take their paid time off because we believe travel makes the world a better place and rejuvenated employees are happier and more productive.


That rejuvenated employees are happier, we can only confirm. That is why Expedia could receive an excellent score of 3,94 points on kununu and the reason why we are highly recommending the open positions you can find at Expedia in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver and Austin. Check them out and land your next dream job!


Top Employers in September


Eclaro is a Business and Technology Consulting Firm that connects top talent with opportunities at Fortune 1000 companies. Eclaro wants to become the best company to work for, allowing them to hire the best people for the best results. And they are on a great path already! With a score of 3,46 points they are one of the best-rated companies in their industry. Their employees praise the great leadership that listens and values input from all of their employees and provides for a positive work environment. But it’s not just the bosses that are great, colleagues are also really engaged and focus on the team success. Apart from that, one employee states: “I love that this company cares about its employees, its clients and every person and company it comes in contact with regardless of the nature of that relationship and whether or not it directly benefits Eclaro. I also like the fair amount of pressure and expectation that management puts on employees. This creates an environment that is easy to work in.” So start writing notes, get your CV ready and send your application in now!

SafeStreets USA

SafeStreets is a North Carolina-based home security and alarm systems provider that not only ranks highly for diversity on kununu, from supporting handicapped employees to striving for absolute gender equality, but also has an outstanding Support from Management Score of 4.65. According to its employees, management here really goes above and beyond to support the needs employees have in the field and provide endless opportunities and tools to help everyone to succeed. Apart from that, employees are thankful for the great hours and fun co-workers who help to build each other up. In short: Great co-workers, good pay, good to start a career.


Nytec is an award-winning, integrated consulting firm with over 40 years of experience. With dedicated employees all over the world, Nytec provides specific talent solutions to satisfy individual recruiting needs and while doing so offers a fantastic place to work to its employees by respecting and supporting them in the best way possible. That also holds true whatever age you are, as one kununu user reviews: “Age does not seem to be an issue at Nytec, in fact I have been working with man very qualified and experiences older employees. I have had the opportunity to learn so much from their experience.” This leads to an innovative, forward thinking working environment that values team collaboration and customer obsession. To say it with the words of our users: “Great Company to work for, fast paced, challenging, keeps you busy! This is a company I am proud to work for.



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