Eat Your Way to the Top: 10 Companies with the Best Food Perks

Caroline Beaton

“I’m only here for the food,” Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent says in a buffet line in her classic line in Ever After. She was more interested in food than true love; and in the real world many of us know how she feels. What’s interesting work matter if you don’t have good food while you’re doing it?

Companies from Google to the U.S. Military have realized the importance of serving up delicious workplace perks and keeping their employees well-fed. Below are 10 of the most delicious, food-conscious companies, in no particular order.

1) Google

Google’s food perks don’t stop at three totally free meals a day from their many on-campus restaurants. They also arrange for fresh fish to be delivered to the office for employees to take home, and offer free snacks in every building. One Inc. article on Google’s food perks explained, “the convenience of having food provided cannot be overstated.” Indeed, research suggests that eating regularly matters just as much for employee productivity as eating healthily.

2) Evernote

This note-taking app company is for foodies. Evernote’s free food includes breakfast pastries and green smoothies on Mondays, tea on Tuesdays, iced coffee and pastries on Thursdays, and bagels on Fridays. Plus, lunches are catered by a variety of tasty restaurants like Sneaky’s BBQ and Asian Box.

3) Acuity Insurance

Acuity Insurance is proud of their food perks, which include an annual chocolate fair, company-sponsored tailgates and monthly family night, where employees can bring their whole family to a company dinner on Acuity’s dime. The Wisconsin-based insurance provider also sponsors “Lunch with an Officer,” where employees get to meet and eat with an executive.

4) Mayo Clinic et al.

The Mayo Clinic has, according to its website, “a wide variety of healthy meal choices and vending machines” on site. kununu’s data indicates that Mayo—along with other hospitals like Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas, Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital, and Johns Hopkins Hospital—has convenient cafeterias, free meals, and free snacks and drinks.   

5) Southwest Airlines

“Free unlimited flights, awesome people, great culture, free food and fun events!” one kununu reviewer raved. Southwest is one of only a few hundred American companies that offers all three of kununu’s food-related perks: free snacks and drinks, free meals, and an on-site cafeteria. JetBlue, which scores a 4.1 out of 5 overall on kununu compared to Southwest’s 4.01, also has all three.

6) Airbnb

Airbnb’s most famous benefit is an annual $2000 employee stipend to stay at an Airbnb anywhere in the world. But this San Francisco-based lodging marketplace offers local perks too, like a daily company-wide lunchtime. Bon Appetit describes a huge kitchen, where a pro chef rings a bell when lunchtime is ready, and employees “gather round.”

7) The U.S. Military

Though a seemingly unlikely candidate for this list, the military includes all meals as part of service. Some get a better deal than others, like cooks and medics, who have access to refrigerators. Soldiers off-post benefit from a food allowance. The military even hires culinary specialists, who aren’t afraid to get creative. In fact, the military invented Cheetos, refrigerated guacamole, microwaves and cling wrap. Of course, whether their food is healthy is another story.

8) Facebook

According to Spoon University, Facebook has a designated culinary team that serves employees three free meals a day. Their campus hosts a barbecue joint, juice bar, burger restaurant, pizza stand, sushi restaurant, taco place, salad shop, sweets shop and more. There are kitchens in every building stocked with chips, cookies and drinks. Facebook employees can also take home free dinner to their family or, if they’re working late, their families can swing by to eat with them.

9) Twitter

Twitter also offers three free meals a day, five days a week. Meals are catered by Bon Appétit, which has a whole Twitter account dedicated to their concoctions. Twitter facilitates food for your little ones, too. According to The Street, they offer free breast-milk shipping for traveling moms.

10) Chain Restaurants  

But you don’t have to work at some fancy tech headquarters to get free food. All In-and-Out Burger service employees get a free double burger and fries every shift. And rumor has it that all Ben & Jerry’s employees get three free pints of ice cream—per day. Wouldn’t we all be better off with a daily dose of Phish Food?



Caroline Beaton (@cs_beaton) is kununu’s millennial career expert. She’s an award-winning writer and entrepreneur who helps ambitious millennials change their habits and behaviors to lead more fulfilling lives. Her writing has been has been featured in Forbes, Psychology Today, Business Insider and many others.