Do you have a fair wage? Salary Transparency will help you figure it out

Susanna Kahr

When thinking about topics that are considered taboo, we notice that a decent list tends to add up. On that list, is the topic of salary. Simply don’t ask, don’t tell. That’s the silent rule we have always known: don’t talk about how much money you make. Reasons for why this silent rule has trickled into our brains vary from person to person, family to family and organization to organization. As time goes on, it becomes clearer than ever why salary transparency is so important. Knowing what your colleagues earn isn’t a game or a competition, but vital information that can help you and others know what you should and deserve to be paid and can help you find the right employer for your needs.

New In: Salary Transparency

kununu, the largest European employer rating platform and only professional provider specializing in exclusive employer and workplace insights, presents a feature that offers advanced salary information, bringing transparency to a whole new level. kununu’s Salary Transparency includes more than 370,000 salary data points from over 15,000 companies breaking taboo traditions and setting a new precedent for employers and job seekers. The kununu Salary Transparency feature is a standard component of the company profile on the employer rating platform. Users can access gross annual salaries for different positions, professional fields, industries and locations in the respective companies under the salary tab.

Taboo for whom?

Oftentimes, salaries are protected and not publicly shared which creates discrepancies among employees, making any sort of gaps impossible to spot and fix. This can be a burden on the company as well, as it hinders the application process by funneling the wrong candidates, costing the company resources. kununu’s Salary Transparency feature is revolutionary by offering job seekers and employers with valuable salary information to accurately guide and determine career matches. Additionally, employers can competitively distinguish themselves against other employers through salary information and use this as leverage when hiring sought-after candidates.

Check out kununu’s Salary Transparency feature and get valuable salary information for your industry

Let’s open up

There is no doubt that the workplace needs to be more transparent for everyone. The cliché saying “my door is always open” needs to no longer be a washed-up saying, but a self-evident truth. The further we open the conversation and make information accessible to everyone, the further everyone will go in their careers. Continue the salary transparency revolution by anonymously leaving your salary insights, so that you can be a part of creating a better and more open workplace for all.



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