Dad-friendly companies: these companies are especially supportive of working dads

Linda Le Phan

We could have wrote an article about “companies that have good paternity leave” but – as working parents know fully well – parenthood isn’t just the first months! In order for a company to be truly supportive for working dads – or “dad-friendly” – they should have a decent policy for paternity leave AND foster a culture that helps dads balance work and home life.

In honor of all of the fathers out there on Father’s Day and every other day… here are six companies that are supportive for working dads:

American Express

You may know American Express, or Amex, as a financial services company (or that other credit card company) but they happen to be one of the most supportive companies for dads. As recently as 2017, the company increased their fully-paid parental leave period to 20 weeks for U.S.-based regular full-time and part-time employees. The new paid parental leave policy covers mothers and fathers welcoming a child through birth, adoption, or surrogacy. That same year marked the beginning of their Parent Concierge program, a 24/7 team that offers one-on-one support to help working parents navigate their options and make sure they’re not missing out on any benefits or discounts that the company offers. is a popular online service that helps you find caregivers you need, whether it’s for child care, senior care, special needs care, tutoring, pet care, or housekeeping. Given that it’s a company that focuses on helping families’ needs, it makes sense that it’s a great place to work if you’re a dad. The company covers 6 weeks for parental leave and 100% of an employee’s pay, while also providing all employees with free access to local care providers through, employer-subsidized backup child care, subsidized payroll and tax services for household employees (such as nannies), employee-run working parent support groups, flexible scheduling and remote work options.


Google is a tech giant and has a solid reputation of having amazing perks for its employees; their parental leave and family-related perks are no exception. Fathers get six weeks of paid paternity leave, there are free on-site daycares for children, and new parents even get $500 called “baby bonding bucks” to cover expenses like diapers, takeout, formula and anything else they need for their new bundle of joy. This is on top of the plentiful amenities that Google offers to employees that would make life easier and less stressful overall as a dad, such as free meals around the clock, free shuttles to and from work, and massage therapists.


Not to be outshadowed by Google, Facebook is also a very dad-friendly place to work – actually moreseo! Paternity leave, like maternity leave, at Facebook is a whopping 4 months and Facebook’s other generous family care benefits include a $4,000 “new child benefit”,  telecommuting and flexwork options, and up to $20,000 worth of fertility and family planning benefits.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturing company, but it is known by most as a baby products brand – even hospitals use Johnson & Johnson baby soaps for newborns! Given that fact, the company cannot be dad-unfriendly can it? No way. It offers new dads in the company 9 weeks of paid paternity leave, has childcare centers at six locations in the U.S. and provides discounts with a nationwide provider.

Ikea USA

Ikea USA, the US arm of the largest furniture retailer in the world and the place that offers stylish yet affordable furniture (and apparently really good Swedish meatballs), also happens to be a very supportive employer for dads. Their parental leave policy provides for up to four months of paid parental leave – depending on length of tenure at the company –  for birth mothers and fathers, as well as adoptive and foster parents. They also offer flexwork options and something called First Day at School Leave, which is a day off for your child’s first day of school!



Do you know of any other companies that are great for dads? Is your current (or former) company one of them? Tell us all about it in your anonymous employer review.


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