The Commute: How do you cope with the daily grind?

zach at kununu

We all have to do it. The daily commute. Whether its running to catch a train, pedaling it out on your bike, or choosing to drive, it takes some work to get to ‘work’. We took to the streets to ask some commuters how they get to their jobs, and the annoyances that really tick them off on the way. We even included some potential solutions for everyone out their trying to cope with their commute. Now, take a DEEP BREATH, and check it out:

Although it varies by city, job, and person everyone can empathize with the pains of a commute. In fact, 22.4 million Americans expect their commute to be between 30 to 40 minutes, but some reach a whole new level. These super commuters, who travel an average of 90 minutes and at least 50 miles to get to work, are becoming more common as traffic gets heavier and job situations become more demanding. However, taking the other extreme, Boston (kununu’s home city) tops the list of most populous cities for commuters who get to work by bike or by foot, at just over 16% of employees.

How do you get to work? Train, foot, car, dragon? Experiencing any of these commuter pains? Want to contribute some of your coping mechanisms? Does your company alleviate these travel pains at all? Why not take a second from your seemingly endless work journey and leave a review on the job you take so much time to get to.

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