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Susanna Kahr

People spend an average of 1/3 of their lifetime at work. This means that they spend a third of their life doing work that they either love or hate, for an employer they either admire or loathe and with colleagues who are either their friends or their enemies. That’s why it’s so important for us all to find the perfect employer to help us get up on Monday mornings. With our new series “Healthcare Employer of the Month” we will showcase the outstanding employers in the healthcare industry. Check it out, it might just help you find the workplace you’ve been looking for!

HeartPlace is the place to work for in August

Founded almost 50 years ago, HeartPlace is one of the oldest cardiovascular groups in the US. And they’ve never stopped improving across the board, making innovations to their services and also as an employer. Here at kununu, one of the world’s largest employer rating platforms, HeartPlace not only ranks highly with an excellent score of 4.53 points (out of 5), but is also described as an “excellent coordinated group of doctors and corporate employees” by one of our users. But that’s not all, this healthcare employer is our healthcare employer of the month as there are a number of other things on our “what we love” list.

While the healthcare industry is known for being a stressful industry to work in, employees at HeartPlace say that everybody is very understanding about accomplishing work goals and balancing life. Furthermore, the management of this medium-sized company takes care of every single employee. One co-worker writes in their kununu review that his manager “has helped me from day one with whatever questions I have and is definitely supportive of not only his team, but future employees and job applicants.” The support the employees experience is one of the reasons for their great working atmosphere (rated with 4.08 points), their fun and laid back working attitude and the great solidarity amongst wonderful, diverse colleagues. Apart of that employees love the opportunity to grab a quick coffee in the onsite cafeteria, to have lunch in the outside eating area and to burn some calories in the onsite fitness center.

What more do you need to fall in love with this employer? Why not ask Russ Dooley, Clinical Staff Recruiter? Here’s what he thinks makes HeartPlace special as an employer.

What are you doing to attract talent?

Russ Dooley: We really try to make the interview and onboarding process interactive to provide a good experience. As we have over 20 locations, we provide our candidates with the opportunity to interview directly at their clinic with the individual who will become their manager so they have the opportunity to see the clinic, meet some of the physicians and staff and get a feel for what their work environment would be like.  Additionally, we try to provide them with an idea of the benefits and challenges of each position because, if offered the role, we know how hard it is to leave a current job only to find yourself in another less than perfect situation. Therefore, we look to make sure that each candidate understands the role and the environment they would be working in so they can make the best decision possible for themselves and their family.

In your opinion, why should someone apply for a job at your company?

Russ Dooley: We have been in business for around 50 years, we’re a medium-sized company serving North Texas that really values our relationship with our patients.  Employees have the opportunity to shine within Cardiovascular Provider Resources and HeartPlace, help create new processes, provide input and facilitate change. There are also opportunities to move around within the organization when opportunities for other roles, or promotions, arise.  Many of our employees refer to their co-workers as family and friends and that coupled with the smaller clinic or department environment, make this a company that many enjoy working in.

Are there special perks that you offer that positively impacts on your team’s morale?

Russ Dooley: In addition to our lower benefit costs, we offer our staff a number of things that many companies have stopped offering such as holiday gifts and bonuses.  We also offer a fun annual event for the company to come together with their families. Our most recent events have been at Top Golf and Six Flags and have been really valued by our employees.


Events for the whole family, opportunities for promotion and ongoing innovations. What more do you need? Actually, there is one more great thing. HeartPlace doesn’t just have one headquarters site in Dallas, but has locations all over Texas. Living in Southlake? No problem, check out open positions at this site and find your dream job with this outstanding employer which our users say is “a wonderful company to work for”.

Top Healthcare Employers in August

Are you looking for a new employer in the healthcare industry but HeartPlace doesn’t have a position on offer that works for you? Don’t worry, we got three more Top Employers for you – from Massachusetts to Tennessee.

Boston Children’s Hospital

Do you want to make the world a better place? Boston Children’s Hospital is the perfect place to start as one of their employees tells us: ”My company performs a lot of medical miracles for children who are the sickest of the sick. They come first and foremost and no stone is ever left unturned in regards to their care.”But it’s not just the patients who are a high priority, the management actually cares about their employees and wants to challenge their co-workers to do better for yourself and the company. All of this means that you have lots of opportunities for growthand you can learn more about hospital operations. These experiences might also be useful for your next job as one of our users shares his experience that “Boston Children’s Hospital is great to have on a resume.”

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

No matter if it’s a sprained knee or bad cough, the nurses, doctors and surgeons at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital are always doing their best to make you feel comfortable again – and that goes for their employees too! “Working here is like being at home! It’s comfortable and everyone is family”, an employee tells us in their anonymous employer review on kununu. The familial atmosphere is probably also one of the reasons why people stay at Jefferson Hospital for so long. One employee who has worked there for 23 years states that “there can be improvements, but overall it’s a great place and hospital that I really love”. Another employee who has been working there for 36 years is not only thankful for the experiences, but also for the many wonderful friends he made. It seems like time flies at this company and aside from the very diverse team, Jefferson Hospital also offers great time off benefitsand flexible working hours.

HCA Healthcare

HCD has been dedicated to the care and improvement of human life throughout the U.S, since 1986. To be able to do this, they have to work very hard, but employees still say that “The patients I work with make all of my hard work incredibly rewarding.” And that’s not the only reward employees at HCA get: “The opportunity for a good income is very possible and overtime is easy to get.” Another colleague says this in their review on kununu: “I have been promoted twice since starting 6 years ago. They encourage promotion from within.” Do we have anything more to add on this list of pros for this employer? They also have supportive managers and work as a team. Our conclusion is that “employees at HCA have a good deal of autonomy and serve a mission that has value.”



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