Congratulations to our Employer of the Month December – Safe Streets USA

Christina Omlor

Finding yourself a job that provides a living is great. But finding yourself a job that provides a living PLUS has a deep purpose in the lifegoal most of us aspire. Now imagine finding a company, where you could not only earn the salary you deserve, serve a meaningful purpose, but also have the ability to start a striving career. Sounds great, but unrealistic? Think again! Our Employer of the Month in December is one of the oldest, largest and most respected authorized Dealers for ADT Monitored Security Systems (recently earning the coveted ADT Distinction of Authorized Provider) and the proud owner of a Employee Recommendation Rate of 91%. What people love about SafeStreets USA? The opportunities to foster a career, plus knowing, that their work is serving a purpose: Providing security solutions to make your home safe and protect, what you value most.

SafeStreets USA is the place to work this December!

Great place to work, honest and full of opportunities for all employees.” – Anonymous Employer Review

At SafeStreets high standards are set. Not only when it comes to security systems, but also when it comes to working culture. The “SafeStreets 5 Star Standard” provides a collaborative, innovative and energetic work environment, that every employee strives to achieve, while interacting with customers, vendors and other employees. Moreover, they believe, the most valuable partnership is between team members and therefore the most important thing is for everyone to be heard. To achieve that, SafeStreets has built a five step plan how to communicate and interact within the team:

  1. Challenges and Expectations will be clear at all times
  2. You will be praised for your accomplishments
  3. The highest degree of integrity is being held
  4. You are rewarded for superior performances
  5. You are always treated with respect.

Great environment to work in with excellent managers who give you all the tools needed to succeed” – Anonymous Employer Review

On top of that our Employer of the Month SafeStreets provides numerous Employer Benefits, which complement the “SafeStreets Standard” on a more practical level. Including a 401k-, Medical and Dental-Plan, Life insurance, supporting Long- and Short-Term Disability and much much more.

Due to the focus on communication and generous benefits, SafeStreets USA now operates in 44 states and the District of Columbia, leading to over 900 employees across 5 locations nationwide, which allows them to cover over 90% of the U.S population. But what exactly is it, that SafeStreet USA does?
They are leading in innovative security technology, including voice recognition, home automation, realtime video and other smart security solutions for your home. Whether its Carbon Monoxide-, Burglary-, Fire and Smoke-, Home Automations, such as Temperature monitoring – SafeStreets Managers will find the perfect, and latest technology to keep your home safe. While they make sure, you benefit from the work environment as well. Not only financially, but also in terms of solidarity within the team and very good communication between all hierarchy levels. Company Values are put first. Luckily, this includes caring for the customer, as well as providing a 5 Star- Communication Standard to each and every Employee.  Sounds like a company, for which it pays off to decline other job offers gracefully.

Great values! They care about the customer.” – Anonymous Employer Review

But stop with the sugarcoating. Let’s ask SafeStreet what they think makes them so special.

kununu: “What are the unique things SafeStreets is doing to attract talent?”

SafeStreets: We understand we are currently in a candidate-driven market so it’s important to be aware of what candidates want and need and highlight those attractions in our job ads. We conduct market and industry research to assure we are competitive and highlight the perks we believe candidates are seeking.

kununu: In your opinion, why would someone apply at your company?

SafeStreets: When speaking with candidates, we find that many are looking for a positive and supportive company culture and an organization that provides opportunities for growth and advancement. SafeStreets employees flourish and develop in our supportive culture which is evident in our employee reviews. Potential candidates then have the chance to research how rewarding it is to work for SafeStreets. SafeStreets has also recently been designated as an ADT Authorized Provider, and advancement from an Authorized Dealer. This means our company is growing, and with growth comes opportunity and advancement.

kununu: Are there special perks that you offer that positively impacts your team morale?

SafeStreets: Of course there are perks! Our Sales team just wrapped up a competition that is sending the tops sales reps to the Bahamas!! Technicians also receive Retention Bonuses for each year of employment. Our benefits packages includes pet insurance for our furry family members. I believe the perks and the people we work with significantly impact team and employee morale.

It is quite nice to work for a company where you’re truly an empowered human.” – Anonymous Employer Review

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Other Top Employers in December

Working at our Employer of the Month in the Security-Solutions-Industry is not your piece of cake? Alright! Then you might want to check out our other Top Employers in December.

Green Solar

Green Solar Technologies is a company, dedicated in equipping others renewable energy alternatively. When asking the CEO why he thought it’s worthwhile to work in an environmental friendly company, he answered: “Working in an environmental friendly company is more than just a job with all the climate change talk and GREEN NEW DEAL, you will be a part of a big change. The way we affect the environment will be our actions today and you will be a part of it.” We also asked why GreenSolar is the place to go to, he said: “There are many solar companies out there but there are a few who are serving more than 15 states with great reviews and great culture.” Green Solar stands out as an Employer, because of their approachable and competent management, while guiding their employees with motivation and experience.

1st Choice Home Health Services LLC

1st Choice Home Health Services LLC has an impressive kununu score of 4.66, a recommendation rate of 98% and employees really cherish the teamwork here! Based in Frankfort, Illinois this home health services agency, supports homebound patients who need special medical care, along with those who are physically disabled, injured, ill or elderly. Employees say that their company encourages workers to work together, provide them with the support they need which means that their “experience working in the company is generally great.” If you would like to work in home health, you should find out if there’s a job opening for you, here. 


With more than 80,000 skilled and compassionate caregivers company-wide, AdventHealth provides individualized, holistic care in physician practices, hospitals, outpatients clinics, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, and hospice centers. As one of the largest health care providers in the United States, AdventHealth strives to change lives for the better. Employees have awarded AdventHealth a score of 4.0 and have told us that it’s a “great place to work for, with great benefits and pay”, it’s “an excellent Christian organization and staff get along well so it is easy to enjoy your daily job.” One employee even says “I have never felt more appreciated at a company, AdventHealth truly values their employees and wants them to succeed.” Healthcare professionals take note, this could be the employer for you!



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