What college grads need before taking their first job? Transparency.

alex for kununu

What does transparency mean in the workplace? We informally polled a bunch of college kids who are still years away from their first jobs. Amongst an array of answers, the biggest thoughts that came to mind were things like being honest, clear information, and the truth. But what is the truth anyway? Everyone has their own idea of what makes a great place to work. Experience tells all but how can you get that information before you ever set foot in the lobby?

Example: You major in communication. Get a job at a media company. Six months in, you’re still fact checking and pushing paper rather than producing the kind of online stories you spent four years learning how to master. Not what the job listing said, nor what you agreed to and probably not what you’re getting paid for.

While you’re crying #whathaveidone, we’re saying next time look for the right information–right from the people who work at the places you’re vying to get into. Learning about a company’s culture, real job details, management style and more is all part of the interview process–your own decision process–before you say, “I’ll start on Monday.”

That’s how kununu can help. Real reviews, by the people for the people, give you genuine insights into what a job–and a company–is really like to avoid any first day shock. How do we get there? You tell us. Literally. Transparency in the workplace starts with people like you sharing their experiences at all kinds of companies–as interns, new hires and growing employees at every stage. There will always be those that accept that first jobs are stumbling grounds to figure yourself out. And those who do their homework to sail into the working world with confidence. Which one are you?

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